Monday, January 31, 2011

It's hot inside

Storm the supermarket. Pillage the shelves. For God's sake, hide the women and children.

Snowmaggedon is upon us!

Or not. At least not yet.

The meteorologists are predicting 1 to 3 inches of snow tonight, more tomorrow and maybe a foot by Wednesday. While this storm is nothing compared to what the northeast has seen, it's sending everyone in a tizzy. Seriously, my boss is surveying the office to see who has 4WD vehicles so we can caravan to work (we don't have the option of staying home).

I said I had a 4LD - four-leg drive, as in Denali could pull me to work. After all, he knows the commands "right," "left," "stop" and "let's go"!

But, my friends, I don't think I'll have to board the Denali express. We never seem to get the worst of it (thank God) and I'm not the least bit worried about the snow. I am worried about the frigid temperatures and how nasty this will make my runs. I'm almost contemplating a running sabbatical for the week and spending some time with Jackie Warner. Then again, we could get a dusting and all this hub-bub would be for naught.

Do you plan alternate workouts in light of the weather?

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  1. My fiance's office lets them all off work if it's declared a "weather emergency" by the city. I, on the other hand, work in the news... and there is no such thing as a snow day!