Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pajama party and gearing up

Pre-workout eats: Cinnamon Apple instant oats
Workout: 25-minute upper body routine and 1.5-mile walk with Denali

I worked out in my PJs this morning. While watching an episode of "Iron Chef America" that I had on the DVR.

It was awesome.

I had considered doing an OnDemand selection or finally going back to Jackie Warner but I really wanted to watch Battle Pork Fat. So I did. I mapped out a routine before hand and had it timed that I took a break between sets when I had to fast forward through commercials.

I did 12 reps of the following exercises, using 5-pound weights, and repeated the circuit three times.

Hammer curl, transition into press
Bentover row
Tricep kickback
Upright row
Bicep curl
Overhead press
Tricep extension
Lateral raise
Alternating anterior raise
Chest fly
French press
Chest press

Even though it didn't seem that rough - and not that it would be since there were no squats - it took me 25 minutes, and I managed to hit the major muscle groups.

And, if you are keeping tabs, I didn't forget ... I still plan to run at lunch. I have a bag with all my running gear, and I'm working on the mental game. If it sucks, I can come back but I at least have to try.

Have a great Tuesday!

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