Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I did it. I ran on my lunch break. And it was good, if only for the fact of actually doing it.

Will I do it again? Let’s analyze the facts.



It made me feel uber cool, like I was tons more awesome than my co-workers. My feet got uber cold. Stupid hole in my shoe.
Most of the sidewalks were cleared and salted by business owners/government entities. The parts of the sidewalks that were not clear were like mountains. I actually stopped the Garmin a couple times to climb over some of them.
It was warmer at noon, and I didn’t need 300 layers to go outside. It took me what seemed like 300 hours to get in and out of those layers in the tiny stall in the work bathroom. No ADA compliance here.
I was able to get in 4 miles, easy peasy. (I have no clue on pace because I can’t plug in Garmin till later.) Those 4 miles seemed to take a while because there were lots of stops and starts along my downtown route.
I got to run. Downtown doesn’t offer a great route, and I ended up doing a weird loopy out and back.

It’s that last pro that’s going to get me. “I got to run.” Sure, it was a bit of a pain to get naked , dressed, naked again and dressed again in the bathroom. Sure, I had to dodge slow-moving business types on their way to lunch. Sure, I never got settled into a groove because of the crosswalks. But I got to run, if only for 4 miles.

(Just did a smell check – I’m good.)

I think I might be doing this again tomorrow, at least, as it will still be pretty cold and the routes to my beloved boulevard are quite treacherous. Seriously – I almost fell at least five times on my walk with Denali. It might not be my No. 1 choice but it’s nice having this card in my back pocket.


  1. Sounds like you have a good run at work! good for you!

  2. Hey at least you tried it. Most would not. I know another person that told me to run downtown at night because during the day the traffic lights are a pain.

    Good job though.

  3. Maybe lunch time running isn't about speed or distance, but it's about "running". How did you feel the rest of the day? Were you more awake or did it make you tired by 3 p.m.? I'm proud of you. A physician and his buddies used to change their clothes and run everyday. I always thought 'wow-that's uber motivated!' You have to be proud of your life choice! Great decision!