Wednesday, August 4, 2010

You say potato, I say uh-oh

I had dreams of an abundance of fresh, juicy tomatoes, zucchini and lettuces when I signed up for a CSA back in March. We opted for the half-year plan, which meant we would get deliveries from the end of July through September. Forty dollars was going to buy me eight weeks worth of organic, off-the-farm summer meals.

I was so excited to open our first bag of goodies last night. It was almost like Christmas.

The first thing I pulled out of the bag was a good pound or two of fresh green beans. Score! These were a definite treat when I was growing up, and I remember many a summer Saturday afternoon with my mom spent breaking off the ends of the beans and getting them ready to cook. Back then, we ate green beans with plenty of butter and salt. This bag from the CSA will be steamed with some garlic and lemon juice flavored, salted while hot and eaten as a snack - hot or cold.

I also found two bags of baby potatoes among the CSA goods. TWO bags. Don't get me wrong, I like potatoes but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with two bags of potatoes.

This dress is really unflattering. Note to self: Don't wear it again ...
or at least stand like this while wearing it.

Given that there are just two of us in the household, Mark and I could just take a bag and do what we'd like with 'em. I could also make copious amounts of mashed potatoes and pretend that I just had my wisdom teeth pulled. I could also make a mean breakfast of hash browns and hash brown casserole and potato pancakes. I could make potato salad and invite the entire neighborhood over for a barbecue.

Any of those work for you?

I know these potatoes will last a bit but I need to use 'em. Get my money's worth. So I'm thinking of making a Tortilla Espanola - a Spanish omelet with potatoes and onions layered throughout. I'll have to figure out how to cut the oil (some recipes call for at least a 1/4 cup).

Or ... you can share your favorite thing to do with potatoes. Just sayin'.


  1. Those look like red potatoes - totally easy and delicious recipe.
    Take a gallon size zip lock bag; quarter the spuds; add a couple of TBS olive oil (or other kind if you prefer) the zippie bag, and a packet of onion soup mix (I usually use 1/2 packet otherwise it gets pretty salty); put the spuds in the bag, seal bag, shake until spuds are well coated. Put in a baking dish - i usually use a 9X13 pan so that the spuds are in a single or double layer. Bake at 375 degrees for 30-45 minutes. Yum! You can freeze them if you don't eat them all - good with breakfast omelet or dinner chicken (or anything in between).

  2. Freeze potatoes? That's awesome. And I like the idea of the onion soup mix, too. I'm going to definitely try athat!

  3. Wash them well, cut them into halves or a bigger-bite-sized chunks, seasoned with your favorite seasonings (salt, Mrs. Dash, Tony's herbs), give a drizzle of olive oil and roast it in the oven.

    Or, cut them up, boil it and sprinkle seasonings all over it. Tasty both ways!

  4. Keep us posted on what else you get from the CSA. Seriously I think I'll sign up next year. Now that I've learned to like some veggies.

    I like making breakfast burritos with spuds. Or try making some baked home fries to accompany a homemade burger or sandwich.

  5. I also have a CSA - mine is a 25 week season that started back at the end of May/beginning of June. This is the first year I have done it - and I love it so much!!! I have also gotten a lot of cabbage and have really enjoyed making cabbage and potatoes. Yum!