Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Up dog

Pre-workout fuel: Half-slice of whole-wheat toast and Amaretto Cream roast coffee
Workout: 3o-minute yoga workout ("Joy of Yoga" with Sara Ivanhoe); 2-ish mile walk with Denali; and 20-minute upper body workout while watching last night's episode of "Teen Mom."

I need a new yoga workout. It's not that I don't like the ones I have. I do. It's just that sometimes the instructor, Sara Ivanhoe, sounds like she gets paid for being flexible - if you know what I mean. "This should feel gooood," she says. It distracts me. It makes me laugh and then I get all messed up with the "yoga is about breath" thing.

It's true, too, that have the P90X one at my house but it's 90 minutes long, and I feel like a slacker when I quit at 35 minutes. I don't like to feel like a slacker. So after winning Rustbelt Runner's CSN giveaway, I am looking to stop complaining and actually get something.

I'm currently thinking about "Yoga Conditioning for Athletes."

I'm not sure that I'm an athlete, per se, but I could use some hip stretching and whatever else he said he'll do.

I'm also on the lookout for a new yoga partner ...

But I'm not so sure I'll find that on CSN. (By the way, he was in "down dog" just moments before this was snapped.)


  1. Hi Kimberly - I came over from SkinnyRunner. I use podcasts for most of my at-home yoga practices. You can find them on itunes and they offer a great variety for no cost. Only downside is they are audio only.

  2. Try Baron Baptiste (the spelling might be a little off). I like his style of yoga, even though his voice can get a little too yoga-ish and annoying. :)

  3. I just started doing this Yoga for Runners dvd - it is a little ghetto and looks like it was possibly filmed on someone's camcorder. But I like it!!!