Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Weekly Training Update {7/2015-7/26/15}

My post-baby comeback has been slow, steady. Smart, even.

Well, maybe.

I started with short runs of 2 to 3 miles and then I went for four. Just as four became a bit less challenging, I adopted the weekend long run. For me, it was 5 miles.

On those 5-milers, through sticky, humid air, I lamented that there was a time when that distance was a midweek run. A short midweek run, at that. Five-milers were easy, fun, refreshing – if running can ever be called that.

But the jump to five this go-round was anything but. My breathing was labored, my stride clunky. My thighs clapped, the belly jiggled. I could feel myself start to fade at 4 miles, and there was an achy feeling around my C-section incision. It took a few weeks, a month even, before it felt like it was a manageable challenge.

When I was able to put it in a decent kick on Sunday the 19th, mostly because it was hot as hell and I wanted to be DONE, I knew that it was time to think about making the next jump – a 6-miler.

I wasn't 100 percent confident about it. I never am. But when I exchanged a few messages with Joe, ah my good ole buddy, about running and the weekend, I knew this was my chance.

There was a one familiar pang – Fear. Excitement. Hope. – in my stomach as I got ready on Saturday morning. But rather than be unnerved, I found it comforting. I felt like me.

I met Joe and started to stretch. He wasn't all that confident about the run, either, coming off a few weeks off because of injury. We knew the 6-miler would be a test for both of us.

I am happy to say, though, we aced it. Or at least scored a solid B.

We took it easy, running fairly even splits (9:57 to 10:12). We talked. We caught up. I ate a few bugs. Heck, we even bypassed a trail closure marker for old times sake.

Note: Even though it wasn't that bad, that section of trail was worthy of being closed. And with my fear of injury and his tight calves, we deemed the mud a good reason to turn around.

Most importantly, it was a good boost of confidence – especially since I'm running a 10K this weekend!

 photo 20150723_062642_zpsslzeizpd.jpg

The week, in training:

Monday, July 20
RUN | 4.1 miles, hilly
Time: 41:16 Pace: 9:56

Tuesday, July 21
X-TRAIN | Boot camp {taught}
Time: 50 minutes

Wednesday, July 22
RUN | 3.1 miles
Time: 31:10 Pace: 9:45

X-TRAIN | Piloxing {taught}
Time: 45 minutes

Thursday, July 23
RUN | 5 miles
Time: 48:36 Pace: 9:43

Friday, July 24

Saturday, July 25
RUN | 6 miles
Time: 1:00:25 Pace: 10:03

Sunday, July 19
CYCLE | 8.1 miles

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