Thursday, July 30, 2015

Garmin --> Soleus: Making the Switch

If my Garmin had a name, it would be Hooker Face.

 photo 3a007092-8bc6-4a2a-9ba1-56eb268494da_zpsxudxkyt4.jpg

The sexy purple watch stared at me for months – months – from my running drawer (because, yes, I have one of those). It taunted me, trying to coerce me into running after I put it there when my piriformis locked down at 31 weeks pregnant. But I don't fall for every pretty thing. I knew I couldn't. Some relationships need a break, some distance, and this one was one of those.

 It sat there until Mother's Day when I was finally ready to run, and I have to say that she played it a bit coy. She didn't load satellites or find my location. Time was on our side ... but that's all she would give me.

With some love and attention, though, she began to warm up. It took a while but she would beep enthusiastically when she was ready to go and happily track my mileage. First 1.5 miles and then 2. I loved her and she loved me.

But, then. Then, I tried to push things a bit farther. Well, tease that she is, she wasn't ready to go all the way. She was happy the way things were.

And she let me know.

She took longer and longer to get ready until it was near impossible. She wouldn't meet me at the right place. She said I was too slow, too fast. Things just weren't right. At all.

I tried. I really, really did. I started soft, with the update. Then I tried the hard version. Nothing. She said she was up to speed but she wasn't. There was no reason for her to act that way and yet she was. I made one last attempt, contacting the professionals. I sent a nice yet pleading email, seeking for a way to mend my relationship with HF. "I want it to work!"

But I never heard back. I shrugged my shoulders, put HF back in the drawer and called on my backup – the FitBit app. Nice as she was, it just wasn't the same. She was draining, for one, and I couldn't figure out how to press her buttons. It was tedious. Monotonous.

So I did what any self-respecting girl would these days, I hit up the interwebs to find a new partner.

 photo soleus gps_zps9f5ixbjv.jpg

I found it in the Soleus GPS Fit. While her most attractive qualities don't seem to be made for a long-term relationship (cheap, easy), we've enjoyed our time together so far. She's there when I need her, doesn't yell obnoxiously and is easy to read. Sure, she doesn't have fancy accessories and my phone can't read her mind but I'm not sure I really need it.

At least not now. And the running relationship I need is the present one.

A few {serious} notes about the Soleus:

• I bought the watch via Active Gear Up for less than $50. {Referral link} It might seem silly to just get a new watch but the cost, including shipping, was less than the repair fee for my Forerunner 220.

• The Soleus, at least this model, does not feel as intuitive as the Garmin. It took me awhile to learn how to navigate the menus.

• I really miss the bluetooth capability of the Forerunner 220 but I'm not sure it's worth $150.

• I have the four-prong connector, and I'm able to sync my data to Strava. Bam! I never really used Garmin Connect, at least the social aspect, so it's nice to connect with my non-Daily Mile peeps. Like my bad ass triathlete cousin.

• Re: Strava. One of the most interesting things I've noticed is that the data includes moving time and elapsed time. These data are particularly helpful as I have a tendency, pardon my language, to dick around. I take advantage of stop lights and water breaks. Yes, you need to stop for those but the way I do it can be, uh, detrimental. The Soleus keeps me accountable.

• Kara Goucher has one. She and I are obviously one in the same now.


  1. Ok, I love, love, love my Soleus. I'm also on Strava and now I wonder if it's compatible. I haven't tried because I assumed it wasn't. Two-year-old model.

    Look, it's not going to measure your heart-rate, it's not fancy, mine is actually pretty (pink), it's not the popular watch, but it's damn dependable. Also, the charge will hold for days.

    1. I am so, so glad you like yours!

      Yes on the charge! It holds for a long time. I have yet to curse that it wasn't charged. I didn't get a pretty one because it wasn't on Gear Up at the time. It is now, of course.

  2. Yay for functioning GPS watches! (and for being Kara Goucher!) I always knew you were awesome! BTW, Kara, can you send me some Oiselle stuff? its cute and I'm poor.

  3. I keep wishing my Garmin would die already as I never liked this current one. All the best with the Soleus.

  4. That sucks that your Garmin didn't work! It seems so random that people get models that are crap - I had a friend with the exact same model as me and she had issues all the time! Garmin does showing moving and elapsed time on the web interface - I tend to screw around too and try to keep the numbers close but on my long runs they get way different! Good luck with the Soleus!