Tuesday, April 7, 2015

On Nesting {+ Meal Plan}

Some people clean walls. Others scrub baseboards. I, on the other hand, hoard.

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With a scheduled C-section imminent, one might assume I'd be nesting. I'd be cleaning, scrubbing, laundering and doing other things to get ready for the baby. But you would be wrong. The closest I've come, though, was finally scrubbing off the pen drawings above the toilet when I was sitting in the steamy bathroom to clear my sinuses.


But, knowing that recovery from the birth will be less than fun, my concern has been eating. I know I won't be headed to the grocery days after getting home and cooking will not be a priority.

Hence Operation Buy All the Food and Fill the Freezer.

Week by week, I've been stocking up on the pantry basics – fruit snacks, granola bars, cereal bars, applesauce pouches and dry pasta. I've grabbed jarred pasta sauce and boxed shells and cheese for the particularly rough days, and I have the basics for tuna casserole when I'm feeling motivated.

I've also been working on stocking the chest freezer in the basement. I'm making breakfast burritos by the dozen so Mark has breakfast for the first month, and I tripled my pancake recipe and made banana chip muffins for me. I've still got a ton of soup to eat for lunch, too. I have several packages of Laura's Lean Beef and ground turkey, too, so that we can make burgers or tacos.

And for the night's that we really need something, I made a turkey sausage lasagna and green chile enchiladas. Of course, I have those penciled in for the first week home with the baby but still. Dinner will be served!

Getting everything ready has felt like cramming a month's worth of meal planning into a week – and I guess it has been. Except that I still have to cook before this whole birthing party takes place.


Here's how our week is shaking up:

Friday: Stuffed baked potatoes
Saturday: Turkey Pepperoni Pizza Bites
Sunday: Easter dinner – ham, red potatoes and green beans
Monday: Spinach, Tomato and Pesto Quesadillas
Tuesday: Ham and cheese sandwiches with potato soup
Wednesday: Sweet Chili Chicken with Coconut Rice
Thursday: In-laws


  1. i think you're doing great! that is a lot stocked!! just curious is your c-sec is scheduled for april 10 by any chance? if so, baby boy and my Big Girl will be birthday buddies ;)) just know i'll be thinking of you whenever it is - xx

  2. Impressive! I wish we lived closer to each other. Because honestly, food prep stresses me out. I'd rather clean......somebody else's house. So you could help me deal with my apparent fear of planning meals, and I could scrub your floors. It would be a win-win, I tell you. ;)

    Thinking of you and hoping this baby's birth goes well and that your recovery time goes smoothly and quickly.

  3. Cleaning can always wait, eating not so much! So I'd say you've got your priorities in order. I'm actually very impressed. I never prepped meals before any of my kiddos. That would have been really helpful!