Monday, February 23, 2015

M is for Meal Planning

"Here you go, Mom," Miles says, dropping a book in front of me. "We haven't used this in a long time."

I'm in pigeon on the living room rug, stuck in the pose for (basically) four minutes of PT-prescribed stretching, and the book is at my knee. Face down. He's either brought me Mark's "Walking Dead" comics and is complaining that we haven't fought zombies for a while or a a running book, which we haven't done in too long either.

"Hey, bud," I say. "Can you bring me that book?"

"What book?"

Sigh. The one you just dropped on the floor! But I refrain from screaming that because, as I've learned, such a phrase is not compatible with toddler speak. I untwist myself and give my shoulders a much needed break from the pose. I grab the book and turn it over.

"C is for Cooking: Recipes from the Street" the cover reads.

So ... either Miles is telling me I haven't cooked in a while or we haven't referenced the book. I'm  pretty sure it's the latter but with a threenager, anything is possible. I get back into my stretch and start flipping through the pages. The recipes, albeit basic, aren't so bad looking. There are recipes for fish and soup, pancakes and eggs. Recipes for dishes I'd actually eat.

And it gave me an idea. Miles and I could pick out one recipe a week and make it together. I'm always looking for ways to improve the quality of the time we spend together, as well as looking for new meals. I also know if he picks out something to make that it should be something he wants to eat, too. If he wants to eat it, well ... you can get the point.

Here's what we have cooking this week:

 photo 442e3cc5-0402-42a7-a0eb-b99e2ddb87ad_zpsf88b4405.jpg

Saturday: Rotisserie chicken (so, so lazy. I grabbed this at Fresh Thyme with the idea that I'd use it for a recipe and just served it as is with roasted root vegetables on the side)

SundayChicken Tikka Pizza

Monday: Slow Cooker Beef Stew

Tuesday: Chinese Meatballs with Sesame Rice (from the Sesame Street cookbook but this recipe is pretty identical)

Wednesday: In-laws

Thursday: Leftovers

I'm joining Laura at Mommy Run Fast for her weekly meal planning linkup.

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