Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ready for the Weekend {A Three Things Thursday post}

There was a moment this morning when I realized today was Thursday – not Wednesday. What a relief! Just one more day of work and then it's onto the weekend.

And what a weekend it will be! Here's what I'm excited about:

 photo IMG_20150121_094534_zps7dpo1htn.jpg

1. On Saturday, I'll make the two-hour drive down to Indianapolis to attend two Silver Sneakers workshops (Classic and Circuit). Silver Sneakers is a fitness program that focuses on older adults, providing a chance to exercise in an environment that's fun and encouraging. My primary motivation in attending is to earn much needed continuing education credits to maintain my personal training certification. Though there are tons of options, many of which don't involve additional program certifications, I have subbed older adult classes and very much enjoy the atmosphere and attitude of the clientele. Sure, barre or cycling would be sexier sexier and closer to how I work out but moving forward with my fitness work, I want to focus on what's rewarding and beneficial to me.

 photo IMG_20150119_135302_zpswgr1dmem.jpg

2. Lauren Fleshman is speaking at the track club banquet on Sunday. {cue fan girl screaming} I had heard rumors for nearly a year that this was in the works, and I am so excited personally and for the community to have her here in Fort Wayne. I had the chance to interview her for work, and she was just like I thought she would be – honest, funny and totally rad.

I am going to go full geek for the banquet and wear a Fleshman Flyer shirt that I picked up at the local running store. I think it will look appropriate with a maxi skirt and belted cardigan, don't you?

Bonus: Kim and Tami are coming in to Fort Wayne on the weekend just to see me see her. Well, see Lauren with me. Whatever.

3. Running in new shoes! While I was at the running store to get my flyer shirt, I made an unplanned walk down the clearance shoe aisle. I wasn't in the market for shoes, per se, as my Skechers GORun only have 100 miles on them. I had blown out the sides of my Saucony Fastwitch, though, and they are looking rougher by the mile. But anyway. Three Rivers had a pair of Brooks Ravenna 5, what I was wearing before I switched to Skechers based on cost, in my size. Marked down to $77. And I had a $25 reward/credit. Fifty-two dollars for a new pair of shoes? Don't mind if I do. They are so pretty and clean, and I can't wait to get some runs in them.

What has you excited?

A few housekeeping items:

  • Nuun has free shipping through today. So if you are running low, now is the time to order! We are down to caffeinated flavors so I've got a few things in the basket to get us through our winter fitness endeavors.
  • It's time to break out with PRO Compression's latest sock of the month. The black-and-white stripes are reminiscent of old jail uniforms but 1,000 times cooler. Use the code JAN for 40 percent off the socks. Or, BLG14 might still be good for 40% an entire order. Free shipping for those orders $25 and more.


  1. I just got a new pair of my go-to shoes (which are now past season) for $53 with a discount on running warehouse! We'll see how long I can hold off before I start breaking them in for the next half marathon in May.

  2. wait - you interviewed Lauren Fleshman!?!? how awesome!!

  3. That is a cute shirt!! That will be fun to listen to Lauren!! Yes!! Definitely good call on the shoes...running shoes are expensive. I wear Brooks Glycerin. I usually buy the old style because they are way cheaper!!! (But I always like the new colors---so I buy one new and a couple old) :)
    Running has got me excited these days!! I also made some amazing chocolate chip cookies that I have actually been able to moderate without eating them all in one setting! ;)

  4. Yay! You always have the best people at your track club banquet! Enjoy! And can't wait to hear what you think of the classes you take Friday!