Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Grocery Confessions {+ meal planning}

We had a rough night last night. Relatively speaking, that is, as I know it's going to get so much worse. So. Much. Worse.

But, last night. Miles screamed for me at 2:30 a.m. though that's nothing new. I mumbled then grunted for him to come into our room and get in his sleeping bag. I heard his feet hit the floor and pad across our hardwood. He opened the door and closed it behind him before making it across the room to where his red REI bag lies. Miles rustled a bit and then fell asleep.

At 4 a.m., or thereabouts, he wanted to cuddle with me, in my bed. I gave delirious approval and threw him between Mark and me. At 4:15, I felt his feet in my lower back and baby boy's feet in my ribs. At 4:20, he said he was awake and wanted to go downstairs. Baby boy was doing the cha-cha, I surmised from the movement of my belly. I sighed deeply and grabbed my phone from underneath the pillow, turning off the alarm. If this exchange was any indication of how the next hour was going to go, Miles would hear the buzz at 5:05 a.m. and think it was OK to get up. Mark would then have to get up. Fits would follow. From everyone.

When I turned off that alarm, the whole plan for the morning – run early, grocery store at 8 a.m., daycare drop-off at 9:30 a.m., work at 10 a.m. – was thrown out the window.

Which is why I found myself at Kroger, looking like this, at 6 a.m.

 photo 20150120_063245_zpsc05241f5.jpg

In boots, Vera Bradley pajama pants and Mark's puffer coat (the only one that fits now).

But as terrible as I looked, I'm not sure my choices were much better. It seems I'm not capable of critical thinking at the grocery, not before 8 a.m. and before my coffee has had time to kick in.

Things that made it into my cart:

  • Cinnamon Jacks cereal – on manager's special, my weakness
  • Generic marshmallow cereal.
  • Diet Pepsi (see above caffeine problem)
  • Cookies 'n' Cream ice cream
  • Shells and cheese
I did manage a few good things – Chobani 100, blood oranges and cranberry lime seltzer water. I was especially excited about the water, as much as I could muster that is, as it was Kroger brand and the first time I had seen a flavor beyond lemon, lime or lemon lime at my neighborhood store.

I was also impressed that I managed to get anything that would make an appropriate supper as I forgot a list/couldn't find it on my phone. 

Here's the week's rundown:

Monday: Frozen marinara with frozen meatballs and pasta

Tuesday: Slow cooker roast over grits made with Cabot sharp cheddar

Wednesday: At the in-laws, who will undoubtedly serve ziti and meatballs with broccoli on the side

Thursday: Barbecue chicken thighs

As for my lunches this week, the delayed shopping trip has meant two trips to the hospital cafeteria. I'm hoping to get some split pea soup in the slow cooker tonight to remedy that!

What are you eating?


  1. I can't even imagine going to the grocery store that early in the morning! But the PJ pants are adorable. I have a thing for Vera Bradley myself. Right this minuter I'm scarfing down my BBQ chicken salad (lunch staple that I'm supposed to be moving away from this week). *sigh*

  2. I well remember those days. Kudos to you for even trying to shop. The Caveman is in Asia all month so it's me and the girls. We've (ok I) had more than our share of sweets. I made a big pot of soup yesterday that I'm going to work off of for the week. I'm enjoying a break from all the steak the Caveman likes.

  3. Yeah, I've told Dave it's dangerous to send me to the grocery store right now. The impulse buys are real.

  4. Been there. It's tough with the little ones. You get a break when they're in grade school and then the teen years hit. Hello sleepless nights again.. Hang in there...

  5. Hang in there mama. You are strong and you will get through this in superhero fashion like always. I'm thinking about you. PS Throw away those cereals. :)