Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Soggy McSoggerson

This is where dedication and necessity meet stupidity.

 photo 71FE2B22-3A94-481D-B4D2-9722059B9787_zpsfdeapv5e.jpg

I really needed to do something this morning - something active. After 24 hours of whining (and it was not me), I needed a space that was quiet, serene and just for me. My plan was either to rest or cross train, so I opted for the latter and decided to ride my bike. It was still in my trunk from a lunch ride on Monday, and I could easily park at work and go for 45 minutes before starting the day.

Now, I knew the forecast called for severe weather. It's all the meteorologists have talked about this week. However, it was predicted for the afternoon and when I checked, the morning was just supposed to be cloudy.

Yeah. Cloudy. I will never trust you again!

It was drizzling as I put the front wheel on my bike in the parking lot. It drizzled a bit harder when I started toward the greenway. By the time I hit the first hill, it was raining. By the time I hit the first foot bridge with warnings "Slippery When Wet," I was legitimately concerned about sliding and controlling my bike.

But still I rode. I needed it.

 photo FE56D15D-36D9-457D-9578-6717A40822CA_zpsnlujawob.jpg

I was granted a bit of reprieve as I entered a heavily wooded part of the path but upon exit, I could hear it. The rain. Falling harder.

It was downright pouring by the time I hit my turnaround, and I was cycling with my head down to keep the rain from pelting my eyes. I am sure that would be considered super safe.

 photo 270FC1F0-C23F-42BC-AFEC-CC8E83F3763B_zpswbmip58c.jpg

I kept hoping it would let up as I rode back but it did me no good. My jacket was soaked and sticking to me, my feet squishing as I pressed down on the pedal.

The remainder of the ride was spent equally trying to hammer to hurry the heck up and get back to the office and trying to ride conservatively - especially on the foot bridges that are fake wood - to keep myself safe. It was neither fun nor the quiet space that I had hoped for.

I arrived at work a soggy, wet mess. Like a sad little puppy left outside. My friend who (wo)mans the reception desk couldn't help but laugh at me. In the most caring way possible, of course.

 photo 28F1085D-A9CC-4B2B-BD44-4D55D5648258_zpsthjkwwvz.jpg

And neither could I. It was all so ridiculous.

We laughed so hard as I explained my morning that we almost cried. It was then, I realized, my ride didn't give me what I needed but the experience and the friendship did.

Now if I can just find somewhere to hang my wet clothes ...


  1. I have had several very wet rides this summer as well. Fortunately they were all on my return from work, rather than on the way in. What a great way to start the day!

  2. I hope you've dried out. Seems like an exciting start to the day at least.

  3. Those bridges feel slick on a bike when completely dry!! They always freak me out.

  4. I have had rides like those! Sometimes you just have to laugh even when you don't want to!! :) Hopefully you had some dry clothes!!