Tuesday, September 9, 2014

In the Sick of It {Weekly Training Update}

It began on Monday night with a queasy feeling that I hoped would settle. When I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and I still felt sick, I knew I was in trouble.

And I was.

Tuesday brought one of the toughest bouts with an unknown stomach bug that I've had in sometime. I will spare you the details but I couldn't walk 10 feet without feeling terrible much less run. Working became impossible, and I found myself in and out of consciousness on the couch by mid-afternoon. I would wake up intermittently to catch bits of "16 and Pregnant" on TV. When Mark came home with Miles, I couldn't even get up to give him a hug - much less make dinner.

Wednesday wasn't much better. I could stomach food but low blood sugar and an unsettled stomach left me dizzy. I thought I would try to power through and work but when I passed out at daycare, it became clear that it would be another day of rest for me.

It's no fun to be sick but it's even worse, for me, to be incapacitated when I am in the thick of training. I skipped one run completely, ran another workout easy and cut the miles short. I didn't run faster than a 9:15 mile, and it felt like death.

"How am I supposed to run Fort4Fitness on Sept. 27 at an 8:35 pace?" I thought with tears down my face.

"I don't know if I can do this!" I whined to Mark.

 It took all the logic and revisiting of past workouts to make me not throw out the plan - the schedule and the one for the race - and do the event for fun.

Note: I might have been feeling a bit dramatic because I hadn't eaten or gotten out of the house for days. 

My thinking, now, is that one missed workout won't kill me; I've put in the work; and a little rest might have done me good.

I hope.

The week, in training:

Monday, Sept. 1
At home. In the living room. With my child.
Note: I also biked 4 miles with Mark as he ran but it doesn't seem super worthy of noting. But, it was super fun. Especially when I told him that he had to keep up with me the last mile ;)

Tuesday, Sept. 2
I'm a dumbass and tried to run. It did not work. But I was stubborn and went for a 30-minute walk during which I wanted to hurl in the river.

Wednesday, Sept. 3
REST | Sick

Thursday, Sept. 4
RUN | 6 miles
Time: 56:14     Pace: 9:22
Mid-afternoon and hot and humid as hell. I wanted to die.

CROSS TRAIN | Boot camp

Friday, Sept. 5
RUN | 6 miles
Time: 56:45     Pace: 9:27
Farthest stroller run since Miles was a baby. It was humid, again, and I ditched my shirt at mile 1. It prompted Miles to ask my why and then to inquire further as to why I did not take off my sports bra. We also stopped for fruit snacks, apple sauce and sticks.

Saturday, Sept. 6
RUN | 13 miles
Time: 2:03:08     Pace: 9:28
Course preview for Fort4Fitness. I thought I would run a bit slower but Joe and I chugged along at an even 9:30 for most of the miles. Bonus: Our last two were the fastest at 9:15.

Sunday, Aug. 10


  1. I hope you are back to normal now! A few missed or shortened runs is no big deal! You got this!

  2. i really hope you're feeling better!!! how awful. but i had to laugh at miles asking why you took off your shirt. i have a rash guard top that i often wear when we swim indoors. i had it on over my bikini at the outdoor pool and when i went to take it off - willa was aghast. why?! are you taking off your swim suit?! the confusion inside their little 3 year old heads much be something epic..