Monday, September 22, 2014

Season of love

Fall, oh I do enjoy thee. Let me count the ways.

 photo 10341492_10154605995575072_5770920627700517053_n_zps0fcf3e6c.jpg

5.6. The number of seconds (approximately) it took me to eat this cup of chicken noodles at the Johnny Appleseed Festival this weekend.

 photo 10703623_10154605996845072_4003182655895509164_n_zps1e44617d.jpg

Fun fact: John Chapman, aka Johnny Appleseed, is buried in Fort Wayne. I'm sure the festival celebrates him in some way - there's lots of period costumes, artisans and rustic games - but it's mostly about the food. There's the chicken and noodles but other booths have corn bread, turkey legs, corn on the cob, chowders, sausage sandwiches, baked potatoes.

 photo 10671410_10154605994695072_3553156530192729368_n_zpsa09f47ae.jpg

Oh, and there's the dessert. Apple crisp, apple and berry shortcake, apples and caramel, apple pedals, apple dumplings, pumpkin rolls, pumpkin ice cream. Oh, and caramel apples. Miles let me have about 3 bites of caramel and all of the apple.

Note: Please excuse the hair  - I was so hungry after my 8-miler (seriously, Kim!) that I couldn't be bothered to style the coif before heading to the festival.

 photo 10599239_10154605995190072_4520048373853128610_n_zps21fb0ac0.jpg

3. The string of photos in this series as I tried to grab a nice portrait of the boys at the festival. The first, and most candid, is still my favorite.

 photo 1610815_10154605994405072_9011985694742622472_n_zps32a520ab.jpg

11. The number of pounds of apples Miles picked (and I carried).

The fall fun didn't end with the festival on Sunday, when Miles and I found ourselves solo. I have been wanting to go apple picking for some time and a coupon for a different orchard reminded me that we should go.

 photo 10628591_10154605993535072_4849525201129561975_n_zps18875ab4.jpg

I am so glad I did. Miles had an absolute blast, running between the rows of trees and spotting the flags, which indicated which trees were ready to be picked. He kept telling me that we "have to run fast" but, sadly, my legs were dead. I told that Mommy was walking.

I think we ended up with five or six varieties, among them Fuji, Cortland, Jonathan and Golden Delicious. I plan to make some apple butter for canning and more apple butter for eating. Yes to all of the apple butter!

Miles had so much fun that we might have to go again. Please send Ball jars.

Tell me: What's your favorite fall activity?


  1. So much fun! And Miles is getting so big! I wanted to go apple picking this weekend, alas all the orchards are so far from here.

  2. Miles looks like such a big boy! Our tiny babies are growing too fast! We also went apple picking this weekend. Already made and ate an apple pie. Applesauce is up next.

  3. You have no idea how much I miss Johnny Appleseed! I say every year that I will get up there for it the following year and it has yet to year will be it!

  4. So much fun!! That picture of Miles with all the apples is super cute!!!
    My favorite fall activity: I don't know running a marathon??!! :)