Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday favorites

If I had to be honest, I've been teetering on the edge of burnt out when it comes to running. The aggressiveness of my training plan (my fault), participating in a lot of races (my fault) and being a bit tired (not my fault).

But, there has been hope.

Here are some things that I have been loving on the run lately.

 photo 827E32C5-91E2-4E6C-8346-0867B0687D52_zpsu4kadaxr.jpg

1. Revisiting old routes. I've been sticking to the same two routes on my morning runs and though I like them, I am feeling a bit bored - at least with the one. So, this morning, I bribed myself with a jaunt through my old neighborhood and throwing the plan out the window to get in the miles. It was just what I needed! The river from this part of the Rivergreenway is picturesque, and I love how the trees reflect in the water. I also got to run by some grand homes whose yards were showing fall color.

2. Oiselle Flyte Shorts. I've been looking for a good compression-type short but haven't found anything in store that made me want to hand over the credit card. My favorite running store recently picked up Oiselle, and I went to check it out. I was a bit leery of the shorts as even the long version looked too short but I bought them anyway. So glad I did. The material on these shorts is so soft and comfortable that even sweat-soaked, I don't want to take them off.

3. Salted Watermelon Gu. I've been off and on the Gu train, and I even experimented with fuel-free long runs as my diet changed. I wanted to try this flavor, though, and I'm glad I did. I like that it has extra sodium but isn't as sticky sweet as the Salted Caramel. Don't get me wrong - I still like the Yeti - but the watermelon is more palatable over the long run.

Note: I really want to try the Root Beer if only for the novelty, and Gu Energy just came out with Caramel Macchiato.

4. Fall weather. I wore long sleeves on two runs this week, and there's a crunch beneath my feet as I move. Need I say more?

5. Listen up. Somehow, I had an Audible credit, and I decided to download "Gone Girl." I know I'm the last person to read the book but I'm loving it so far. I may have to subscribe to Audible this fall when I start slowing down to enjoy the runs.

What are you loving late?


  1. Next time you see a doctor, ask about getting your ferritin level checked. Tired could be lack of sleep, but iron deficiency anemia can do that too, and is incredibly common in female endurance athletes.

    I am loving running with friends. Following a coach's run plans means I've missed some of my usual group runs, and it's great to reconnect!

  2. I try and mix up my routes often! With just going opposite ways on loops I do!
    I just bought some flyte shorts and a few others and can't wait to get them. I am not huge on the shorts front but we will see!!
    I also just put in a big order for Gu. I got the root beer and caramel macchiato on a whim. I haven't tried them so a little nervous but I couldn't pull the trigger on watermelon. I will let you know!
    I also have not read Gone Girl but would like to. Especially since the movie is coming out!
    I am loving getting my produce at the farmers market. I am actually loving running now despite the fact I had a shitty 16 miler yesterday!!

  3. I'm glad that you threw your training plan to the wind when you knew your body needed something else. I don't think enough people do that and in their quest to stick exactly to the training plan either get burned out or hurt. Our mental game is just as important and sometimes we need to focus on that more. Changing a few workouts or even taking a few rest days will not negatively affect us. Looks like a pretty run. You know I'm also digging the salted watermelon GU. I only used that during my long run Saturday.