Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Will you be mine?

I love my newfound running group. It's not a secret. At least among us. I mean, I don't spend every step of a 12-mile slush fest professing my undying admiration and appreciation.

But maybe I should. Or at least show them that I care. A little bit. And there's no better time than Valentine's Day!

While I typically loathe Valentine's Day, mostly because I want to throat-punch Jane Seymour upon seeing another heart necklace commercial, I was inspired by the holiday to create some fun best running friend sentiments - perfect to hand out at the group run this weekend as L.A. Marathon girl tackles 21 miles.

 photo val_zps1cb6cc75.jpg

"I always NUUN you were the one." Yes, my friends, that is a valentine filled with love and electrolytes.

Disclosure: These Valentine's were just for fun, because I like silly puns, and in no way related to my ambassadorship.

 photo valentine2_zps90863dcd.jpg

I made a jpeg on PicMonkey, leaving a space for a single-serve Nuun packet. I uploaded the file, had it printed as a photo at Walgreen's and picked up the Nuun there, as well. For about 50 cents a card, I have some pretty rad - and useful - gifts for my crew.

Other Valentine ideas for BRFs:

Your stride is ELECTRO-fying. It's the same concept as the cards I made, using a single-serve Nuun tab. This time, the word play is on electrolytes.

We go together like ... Put those words on a card or handwritten note and attach Peanut Butter and Jet Blackberry Gus to it for a play on PB&J.

Bottled up. Whether you tuck it inside or attach with ribbon around the neck, write a note that says, "I can't keep it bottled up any longer - I love running with you," and pair it with a handheld (this one is super cute) or other water bottle.

Won't Chew Be Mine? Attach the sentiment to a pack of Chomps, which is what my friends bring on the long runs. The strawberry are my personal fave.

And for a more personal idea ...

Let's stick together. There's a few options with this - a stick or Tiger Tail massager or a stick of deodorant or Body Glide.

After all, nothing says I love you like giving a gift that says, "I'm thinking about your nipples."


  1. you are so creative! Love everything about this!

  2. Buah ha ha ha! These crack me up!!! And yeah, that heart necklace is ugly, anyway ;)

    1. Thanks! I am so glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like the necklace.

  3. so awesome! i wish i had running friends here to share these with - how fun!

  4. Love this and love running blog friends. I want to punch those Kay commercials too Ughh, who gets engaged in a jewelry store? No offense to all those who have :)

  5. Very cute! My running group turned into my friends. I love them.

  6. These are so cute and witty! But then, I wouldn't expect anything less from you. LA girl will love this card! Looks like you might be running this weekend in some decent weather for a change.

  7. The open heart necklace is ugly! The creativity here is fabulous! Can you do something with Honey Stinger?

  8. I love all the puns! And I too hate that Jane Seymore necklace. I think it looks like a swan.