Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Weekly Training Update: 2/3-2/9

Last week was a first. Thanks to a sum total of 14 inches of snow and more-subzero temperatures that shut down schools, streets and life, I did not teach a single class. Not one.

And it was weird. Like I didn't know what to do with myself and my workouts. Because I didn't.

Wednesday, the gym made the decision to cancel class - a good thing as I couldn't get my car out of the driveway. I squeezed in some "No More Trouble Zones" while Mark and Miles watched a movie. I took it a bit easy in the hopes that I could hammer my Thursday class at the Y but the roads were still iffy and no one showed.

"OK," I thought. "There's always Saturday."

Except there wasn't. No one showed up to my class then either. I did do some push-ups and planks while I waited it out. It was a bit disheartening, to be honest, as there was no apparent reason for people not to show. I thought, maybe, just maybe, it could be an increase in the drop-in price (membership is tiered) but the front desk hadn't taken complaints. The nice guy offered to go back and take it but I opted to save my legs for the race and went to the store.

If it happens again, I might have to take him up on it ... or trying something new. A week without structured strength is fine, maybe even a good rest. Two weeks? Not so much. And, for me, there's just something about the power of group fitness. I like teaching (even if people don't like me, I guess) and it pushes me to work harder, be stronger, do better ... than I do in the basement.

The week, in training:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 5 miles, hills
Wednesday: 20 minutes on trainer + 30 minutes Jillian Michaels
Thursday: 5 miles
Friday: 30 minutes elliptical + 17 minutes summit trainer
Saturday: 9.85 miles
Sunday: 3.25 miles


  1. We have a yoga instructor at my gym that everyone loves. I mean, LOVES. We walk out to our cars afterwards talking about how much we love her. However, we live in Southern California, so if 5 drops of rain fall from the sky, no one shows up to her classes either. It's not you, it's the weather!!

  2. Blah this year is crazy. I was the only one that showed up to a step class way back when. I made myself stay cuz heck I was already up and there. It was weird but good.

  3. Oh man, I would feel so off after not teaching! In fact, I did not teach on Monday and I felt weird about it. I hope this week goes better! Is tonight your first class?

    Our students don't wuss out due to weather like the other commenters mentioned... we haven't canceled any classes this year. Knock on wood!

    Why the "even if people don't like me, I guess" comment?

    1. I have a terrible complex where I assume the numbers in my class is related to how much people like me. It's stupid, I know!

      You guys rock out there! I love how committed everyone is.

    2. Do people tend to take the same classes all the time? Since they don't sign up in advance I imagine it would vary widely from week to week who is there and how many people... what do you think? At our studio you sign up for the month so I know who to expect. But I know my mom is going to the Y and trying lots of different things, because she can.