Monday, January 13, 2014

Back it up: Core Values, Week 2

"Elegance in explanation."

I was interviewing someone today for a project I'm working on, and he was describing how a switch can turn on when a person shares something so "known" in a precise, simple way that it can click. In that conversation, he pinpointed something that I had been trying to since Saturday.

 photo 97DC3ACC-E6CD-4B73-8383-8705631CDF83_zpsok9m1w0f.jpg

During our launch this weekend, the CXWORX instructor and lead group fit trainer was talking about the program and the goal in the design:

You can't be strong here ...

If you aren't strong here.

As a trainer - even as a Bodypump instructor - I know that it all comes down to balance in exercise and program design. You can do preacher curls, bicep curls, hammer curls, barbell curls until the cows come home but you are going to do some damage if you don't train your triceps. Runners, me included, struggle with dominant quads and hips, which tend to overcompensate for a weaker posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes). Weaknesses can lead to injury.

So, when we train our abdominals as we have been with the Core Values challenge, it's equally important to do exercises for the low back. I like to include back extensions and supermans into my routine. The bird dog, which we've seen in the previous two weeks, is also a great exercise for the area. 

Core Values Check In

Two weeks in, and I'm feeling good. I am definitely getting in the habit of doing 5 minutes of core work, with the challenge becoming less of a, well, challenge. It did help that my marathon of classes this weekend included core, and I didn't need to find time beyond that to get my plank on. I'm also finding that my abs are not as consistently sore as they had been in the first week.

Exercises to try this week

Birddog with a 45 degree angle (see 0:27 in this video)
Back extension
Walking plank (alternate between forearm and straight arm, keeping hips stable)
Fire Hydrant In-Out
Oblique V-Up

How are you doing with the challenge? Be sure to comment for this week's entry into the prize.


  1. I'm feeling stronger already with this challenge. It has been good to keep me on top of getting in some core work every day. I usually end up doing more than he 5 mins once I get going!

  2. I did every day this week and am hoping it can be a new routine along with my older PT exercises for my hips and glutes. I can not do those walking planks for more than 15 seconds though...I just did regular ones instead.

  3. So funny I had my little twitter rant this morning and then I read this post, what you said about biceps/triceps. Creepy. Okay. Onward. I'm still rocking the #corevalues! So so proud of myself.