Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Three Things, err, Wednesday: What now?

It's been nearly four weeks since I received my ACE personal trainer certification, a rank I worked six months to achieve.

And with this newly earned credential I've done exactly one thing.

Used the time previously set aside for studying to become obsessed with "The Walking Dead." Not quite what you were expecting, eh?

Now that I'm in the middle of season three and my time getting freed up, I am feeling a bit antsy to put the certificate to work.

1. While I'm not getting paid to train (right now), I am working with Mark to build some muscle mass and size. He's a fairly lean guy - definitely a runner's build - but he's always been curious if he could gain some weight and achieve some of the mass of famous people who are about his height (read: Tom Cruise). I have him lifting heavier than he has and doing a split routine with weights three times a week (shoulders/chest, legs and back/arms) along with some cardio. We need to get in the gym together to do some baseline assessments and measurements but he said he's feeling good so far.

2. In a bittersweet move, last night marked the end of my time at the gym where I began teaching. A couple months ago they chose to drop the Les Mills license, which meant that I taught a different (unlicensed) version of Bodypump and was at risk of losing my certification. I recently got the chance to move to a different gym to teach Bodypump. It's where I subbed last week, and I will start - officially - next Wednesday. It's a traditional gym setting, and I'm hoping that I can use it as a foot in the door to train clients there.

3. Personal training comes with some risk and liability, which require insurance. I have yet to acquire it (waiting for packet from ACE) but once I work out some of the legal stuff, I am hoping to train in small groups - maybe the running club in the off season or online. I also have some great participants who were interested in following me to the new gym but might not be able to make the different times. I am thinking of offering them the chance to work with me in an in home setting.

I am getting some practice on that last one, too - I am writing the runner's winter plan to do myself. Once I've rested and recovered from the marathon, of course.


  1. My daughter loves Walking Dead. Me? not so much.

    Good luck with the personal training stuff. I finally bought personal liability for myself and saw a few kids as private speech clients this summer. It was worth the cost.

  2. All the best at the new gym! Looks like there's exciting stuff ahead!

  3. We love Walking Dead! Hope everything works out with your new classes! :0)

  4. Congrats on the new endeavors!!! :) Offering classes or one-on-one to your running club will be a great way to grow! I hope they stick with you past the off season (what's that? lol)!