Thursday, September 26, 2013

Three Things Thursday: Drive it home

I'm pretty sure it was the foam roller in the front passenger side of the floor that made me realize I had a problem. A problem with too much fitness crap in my car.

1. I put the foam roller in the car with good intentions. I was going to take it to the gym and roll out my legs before Saturday's Bodypump class but I was running behind and didn't have much time. The foam roller stayed inside, and I ended up doing a quick spin on the indoor bikes. A more organized (and diligent) person would have taken the foam roller inside upon returning home. I am not that person. It has been there for nearly a week, and I promising myself that I will take it inside today so that I can start pre-habbing for a Saturday half marathon.

  photo 033-1_zpsaa30204a.jpg

2. Underneath the driver seat, and hard to spot, is a plaque - the one I won for placing in the Fort Wayne Track Club Points Race during 2012. I got the plaque in January. The plague I got in July, for my AG placement at the Firecracker 4-miler, is in my trunk. One day, I plan to hang them in the office where my medal rack is but it has yet to come.

3. Also in my trunk is my Nathan Hydration belt, along with three of the flask, from my long run two weeks ago. The other flask is in the backseat, near Miles' car seat. I should probably wash it if I want to think about using it on Saturday.


What random fitness-related stuff do you have in your car? I usually have at least one pair of BP shoes, a BP choreo book and a Nuun waterbottle + tube.


  1. LOL! You crack me up! Put those plaques up!

    I don't leave anything in my car, except for blankets in the trunk, for smelly/wet people (me) and for dirty things that need to be moved around (not me, but a car part, for example).

    I would like to leave a bag of exercise clothes in the car as a "just in case" but I don't see me sporadically wanting it. Since we share a car, my use of it is usually planned. :)

  2. Umpteen million sticky notes plotting out strength and conditioning classes, Turkey Trot ribbons from the past 3 years, Nuun in the console, Gu in the pocket on the driver's side, and a pair of towels people always think are the dogs' because they smell so badly. Yeah, let's blame the dogs for that odor. In the winter, I get a collection of snotty gloves that need washing. They just got taken inside last month though, since I'll need them in a few weeks again. OMG, I am a disgusting person- no, wait, just a runner. But I will go grab those towels to wash now!

  3. My husband and I have a few plaques that we keep meaning to hang up too. They are currently in a pile with the rest of the stuff that needs to get taken care of in the office. Maybe some day it will get taken care of.

  4. My car is the worst!!! You can usually find anything you need for a workout in there. I always keep my bike helmet, gloves, shoes, tire pump, gels, shot blocks, sunglasses, extra socks, too. I try to keep all of that confined to a basket, but that doesn't always happen. Oh, and lights for my bike and watch. Plus my yoga mat and extra flip flops :) For real trashed with workout stuff!

  5. Too funny! I also have a foam roller in my car but it stays there all the time. I carry around a bag with a change of clothing in case I ever need it.....I also have a few towels and an extra pair of running shoes! :0)