Wednesday, August 7, 2013

WIAW: Tuesday troubles

Tuesdays are a tough day for me when it comes to eating. I'm coming off a relatively easy Monday, when I just take spin, and don't workout again till my night classes.

But, oh, those night classes.

They begin at 5:15, and I don't get home till 7:30. For the girl who eats lunch at 11:30 and dinner by 6, it's hard to know how to eat. I've tried varying strategies over the past couple months and still haven't found works best though I am getting closer.

Here's what I did yesterday.

 photo null_zps0a9c2804.jpg

Breakfast: Egg sandwich on wheat with a homegrown tomato and avocado, and I tried to make a squash "hashbrown" but it was more like sauteed squash.

 photo null_zpsa0c6a12b.jpg

Mid-morning snack: Black coffee and spiced biscotti from Starbucks. It wasn't the best choice but I had to run to Target for a few quick things. I was going to get oatmeal but opted against it since it would have just as much sugar and double the calories of biscotti.

 photo null_zps550b4bcf.jpg

Lunch: Leftover vegetable enchiladas and green beans. It was delicious.

 photo null_zps6d78b8ea.jpg

And a Chobani bite, which I would have preferred a tub. It was the coffee with dark chocolate flecks - very good.

 photo null_zpsc6e8d619.jpg

Afternoon snack: OK, this happened. I write the restaurant news column for the paper, and I wanted to stop by a bakery that just underwent an ownership and name change. I wanted to make sure they still had the scones and cookies that I mentioned, and I walked out with an orange-chocolate cupcake and a peach empanada. I split them three ways and a third of each.

 photo null_zps504955b9.jpg

Pre-class: Lara Alt Bar during my 4 o'clock meeting. The Alt Bar is a million times better than the Uber bars but think Clif bars are a bit heartier and better for what I need.

Mid-class: I ate these almond-pistachio thins. There is no photo because I was completely uncouth and tried to eat them as I changed weights during BODYPUMP.

 photo null_zpse99a55a5.jpg

Post-class. Hungry. So, so, so hungry.

 photo null_zps8a36e27a.jpg

Sometimes I can have just a snack, such as popcorn or these evil organic vanilla sandwich cookies I found on closeout at Kroger. But not last night.

 photo null_zpse77e1340.jpg

I had some random leftovers - a pork chop and Spanish rice. I considered making squash but was not patient enough to cook.

 photo null_zps998296fb.jpg

I was still hungry (but probably just needed water) and ate this random bowl of banana, blueberries and cottage cheese.

And there you have it, my day in food. It was a bit more carb-heavy than I prefer but it was it was. Any tips for how I should eat for my classes?

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  1. Finally someone with a WIAW that eats like me. My work schedule totally makes me have an off schedule with eating. I work from 8-1:30 and can only snack during that time as I get no breaks. So I snack all morning because I'M STARVING and then go home and eat lunch at 2pm and then eat dinner between 4-5pm? Its such odd times and I hate it a lot.