Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Veterans Marathon Training: Week 4

It's going to be hard.

Mark has told me that it will be hard. My spin instructor has told me it will be hard. Mark has told me that it would be hard after thinking about it some more.

Breaking 4 hours in the marathon is not just a personal benchmark for me but one for many runners. A runner I interviewed for a story at work told of training for several cycles to get a 3:5X. I have heard of others pushing hard in training to get the time and ending up injured. Others can be on track and have to poop at mile 24.

So, yes, I know breaking 4 hours is hard - and hard for people who are fitter than me, more naturally gifted, can devote more time to training. It is one of the most ostentatious and demanding challenges I have ever taken on.

But listen to me when I tell you this: I'm not thinking about it. I wouldn't even be writing this post if Mark hadn't told me of a mental conversation he had with himself about the goal.

But also listen to you when I tell you this: I refuse to psych myself out so early in the cycle or get obsessed with 4 hours when I have a life to live. I am more concerned with putting my head down and getting the work done - run by run, week by week. I am logging the miles. I am taking the long runs slow. I am trying to do hills. I am hitting the numbers for my pace runs.

And that's it.

Come race day, I want to know I did my best to run a strong race. I hope it brings me a PR; I hope it brings me satisfaction; and, with the perfect day, maybe I will cross the line at 3:5X.

The week, in training:

Monday: Spin, including almost 10 minutes at max resistance
Tuesday: Piloxing (taught) + Bodypump (taught)
Wednesday: 6 miles, hillish + 3 miles
Thursday: 3 miles, with the stroller + Rip (taught)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 6 miles + Bodypump (taught)
Sunday: 12 miles


  1. I love this! It's a good goal - a reasonably scary goal, yes, but you should ALWAYS shoot for something that's a little scary.

    What I love, is that it sounds like it isn't your be all - end all. It's a goal. And you can do it. But we all know that anything can happen on race day (I think I know this more than anyone) and shit happens. Sometimes literally.

    You sound way healthy about this. It's no good to have the entire success of a training cycle rest on a number on a clock. We both know it's so much more than that.

    Oh, and you're killing your training. KILLING it. :)

  2. With your determination and positive mind set you most certainly will break that 4 hour mark. Just think how much more you have trained and cross trained for this marathon than you did for the last one. You will rock it at the finish line!

  3. I lust after the sub-4 hour marathon. Maybe 2014 will be my year.

    You're training is going amazing so far! You're right, there is no reason to get yourself all worked up about hitting your goal this early. The most important thing, though it's hard to remember sometimes, is crossing the finish line and being healthy.

  4. I love it! I think it's such a solid way to approach it, too. Just take the training as it comes and not get yourself hung up. Love it.

  5. ahhh one day I want that sub-4 too! I'm not there yet - just shooting for under 4:30 at this next one. Your outlook is perfect - focus on the training and running a good race. A number is a number and if you put forth your best effort then that is what REALLY matters. Good luck on your training!

  6. You got this. Just promise me you'll stick around to yell at my slow ass to get in under 5. Every run lately makes it feel more and more possible.

    1. Woo hoo for the possibilities! I will, of course, wait for you. Or maybe it will be the other way ;)

  7. I think that it's good you are focusing more on the individual workouts than always thinking of sub-4. This is my goal on my fall marathon too. Keep plugging away as you have been, and you will make it. Good luck!

  8. Just found your blog from Kim...what an inspiration you are!!

    I lust for a sub-4:30 marathon, last year I wanted a sub-5 and I got it, with 4 minutes to spare!! I don't have time for marathon training this year, but I'm hoping next year I will!

    Sounds like you're off to a great start and have an awesome attitude! Good luck to you!

    1. Thank you for the kind words and for visiting! Good luck to you as well.

  9. I think you are smart to focus on the week by week. It can be too encompassing to look so much to the end goal! And then you forget to enjoy it, anyway!

    Keep going! I love hearing about your training!