Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pack it to me

The bags. They are packed.

 photo null_zpsf5868163.jpg

And, yes, I officially became a Fort Wayne resident this weekend when Mark bought me the Vera Bradley large duffel tote in Cocoa Moss. It only took nine years.

In the bags are the things that you'll see listed on the numerous relay packing lists created (and copied by) other bloggers - race outfits packed in zip-top bags, two pairs of running shoes, compression socks and Body Glide.

There's also things you won't see - 70 pages of ACE CPT notes, ACE CPT flash cards, Bodypump 87 (the new one!), zinc tablets (since I've been warding off cold/allergies and winning), 3,000 pairs of underwear since we know I don't go commando, the most awesome crop sweats from Old Navy and Colgate Wisps and a tankini for the rooftop pool.

Note: I know I got all brave and bought a bikini this summer. I've even worn it in public. But that was around real people and some of these girls are super human. My excess skin will stay out of public view. Sorry I'm not more confident.

 photo null_zps8d47c637.jpg

Thanks to a close friend, I also have fuzzy socks to keep my feet warm on the plane, Swedish fish, watermelon Nuun, Salted Caramel Gu a Starbucks gift card. Necessities if you ask me.

The one thing you won't see? A laptop. I learned my lesson last year en route to NYC to be on the "Today Show." Expensive pieces of electronic equipment stay safely stowed in my desk. At home. I have a few posts lined up but won't be blogging live from the PNW. If you want to stalk me while I'm gone, I'll be tweeting (#nuunhtc, #teamlemonade), posting on my Facebook page and sharing far too many photos on Instagram.


  1. I can't wait to see pictures and hear more about it!! Let's get together when you get back for a run and to talk (maybe sans kids???)!

  2. watermelon nuun is my fave! have fun!!

  3. GO GET IT!!!! So excited for you (and maybe a wee bit jealous). Have fun!!!!!!!!

  4. Yay! Have a fabulous time!!!!

    The rooftop pool sounds sooooo fab :)

  5. have so much fun! sounds like it will be a blast

  6. So excited for you! Can't wait to stalk you all over social media this weekend :)