Sunday, January 13, 2013

pv.Body: A follow-up

It finally arrived.


The long-awaited package from pv.Body. It was a sassy pink envelope full of so much angst and frustration.


And an unattractive workout ensemble. It's mostly the top I don't like but the pants don't thrill me either. The top is an Alaskan blue printed Nux number and the bottoms are cropped pants from American Apparel. I tried to find what the retail value was but neither style was available online. Of course, none of that matters. It is going back to pv.Body, and it would have even if it was the cutest outfit on the planet. Even if it had been lululemon.


I detailed my frustrations with the new subscription service in a previous post - ranting about a faulty coupon code and poor customer service. After having things nearly resolved, I'm not sure I feel much better about the situation. I still feel like they are a company that, for lack of a better phrase, doesn't have its shit together.

My case:

The day I posted my blog, I shared the link on pv.Body's website. Within 24 hours, they "liked" it but never followed up. I made a sassy comment that I found it amusing they liked such bad publicity and received no further response.

The day after I posted the blog, I made a follow-up phone call. Miracle of all miracles, someone answered the phone and I told him I wanted a refund. There was nothing he could do to help, I said, because I didn't want to do business with a company that wouldn't respond to complaints. He gave me instructions on how to return the outfit - go to my account, click a few buttons to print a shipping label and indicate that I wanted to return the outfit for a refund.

The day after I talked to a rep, two days after the blog and three days after a phone call, I received a message from a pv.Body rep who was returning my voicemail.

Nearly a week after my emails were sent, I received two generic emails saying that they got backlogged during the holidays. If my coupon was bad and I needed a credit, I should email x person. If I wanted to do something else, there were different instructions.

But I don't want to do anything else. I want to return it and I want a refund. The label has been printed and the envelope dropped in a FedEx box. Now time will tell whether I get what I'm hoping for.


  1. Good luck. The top reminded me of Transformers, like Megatron or Optimus Prime. And those capris look like a pair I bought on clearance at Old Navy for $5.97. Thanks for reaffirming what I have concluded- the only people happy with pv.Body (and it's ridiculous price point) are the ones who received it for free.

  2. I hope this all works out for you in the end. I had a similar experience with ordering from Sears last month. I was missing a $70.00 item from the boxes they delivered. It was never in the box and I just kept getting the run around on a response. I put up nasty comments on their Facebook wall and it seems that may have helped. Finally, without ever getting a hold of anyone that could help me, I received a package from Sears with my missing Christmas gift for my dad. FINALLY. 2 weeks late but at least I got the items. Then just the other day they sent me an unexpected $20.00 gift card to say "sorry". Moral of the story is that I feel strongly, like you, about how customer service should be. I never will do business with Sears again. Sure I'll go to their actual store and use the $20.00 gift card but that will be the end of it. It's really not that hard to treat customers right.

  3. I feel your frustration! I had a faulty coupon code with Kohls a few weeks ago and their instore Kohls Kiosk was a horrible idea. All I wanted to do was return the shoes just so I wouldn't be angry every time I looked at them. And that outfit is not cute at all for the price they make you pay! You can find that stuff anywhere.

  4. They told me they emailed me a return label, but I have not received said label... I'm now outside of their 14 day return window too, so who knows. Very frustrated.