Saturday, September 22, 2012

Turn the tide

The air is crisp. The leaves crunch beneath my feet as I run. The days are getting shorter.

It's official: Fall is here.

And by some stroke of luck or genius, the gym launched its Fall into Fitness campaign with a party for BODYPUMP 83 on the day that fall began.

In one word, 83 is awesome. I started on 81, which I have been doing for too long now, and it really had to grow on me. This release is challenging and fun, and it was love at first squat.

All three BP instructors were teaching at the launch, and I was responsible for chest, back, biceps and abs - all of which are killer.

Teaching on Saturdays is a bit lonely - it's just me and the classes are much smaller. It was so much fun to be team-teaching again and to be teaching to a packed house. The energy was incredible!

And, by the end, we were dripping in sweat. I guess we didn't fall into fitness - we dove in and swam into fitness. A  little story  for you: I almost did fall in the ab track. There's this really awesome rotating hover, and the floor was so wet from sweat that my feet slipped around. Gross yet awesome at the same time.

Afterward, I had treats and coffee waiting for everyone. I really wanted the launch to be special and encourage a sense of community, and there's no better way than with food. Healthy food that you can feel good about. I made pumpkin biscuits and some (sadly disappointing) apple chai muffins. The Keurig Vue was also on hand and a hot cup of coffee was nice to hold (and drink) on a rather blustery morning.

 A toast to fall and job well done!

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  1. it sounds and looks like such a fun time! If only I lived closer, I would have asked to crash the party :)