Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The "C" Factor

It's not cute when you claim that your exercise routine consists of walking from the couch to the refrigerator.

It's not cute when you state that the only time you will run is if you are being chased.

It's not cute when you joke that your idea of portion control is eating one doughnut instead of the entire dozen.

It's not cute when you laugh about ordering a Diet Coke with your super-sized value meal.

It's not cute to take a glib attitude toward your health. In fact, it can be deadly.

::stepping off soapbox::

I guess you could say people have been making ne a bit cranky, with their snide remarks about pieces I have written for the newspaper and the way I choose to live my life. I never want to come off as being better than someone because I've managed to break through to the other side. However, I don't want people to seemingly judge what I do out of a place that I can only assume comes from jealousy. It is frustrating and totally not fair.

And so I decided that what I needed on a dreary, dreary, frustrating Monday was to sparkle.

I discovered that it is cute to take a break in the day to try on your co-worker's dress from her high school show choir days. It's even cuter when it actually zips. Cuter still, when you add jazz hands. Add in a hat, and it's done.

Sometimes, you just need a mental break. You need it more than the Peanut M&Ms in the vending machine calling your name. (Incidentally, the vending machine would not let me have them. Ninety cents gone forever.)


  1. Short and to the point, just like I like it. I hate hearing those same statements made from people around me, and you are rocking those sparkles!

  2. luv the jazz hands - and yes, sometimes you just need a mental break :)

  3. Nicely said Kim!! And you look way adorable!!

  4. That dress is amazing! I hope you wore it for the rest of the day :)

  5. Sparkly dresses are way more fun than peanut M&M's :) You look like your having so fun. When I had bad days in college or hated studying, I used to wear my prom dress while doing my work. Made the bad stuff much better.

  6. remember that you inspire a way lot of people. those who feel the need to make comments like that aren't ready yet. but who knows - you may be inspiring them too, down the line a bit.

    FRAKING ADORABLE in that dress. For real. And now I'm all nostalgic for my choir days (as much as we loathed any costumes back in the day)...