Monday, August 13, 2012

Marathon Monday: Break the habit

I am training for the Columbus Marathon and following a schedule loosely based on the "Train Like A Mother" finish it plan. These posts document my training.

The week, in running:
Wednesday: 5 miles* (+stroller)
Thursday: 7 miles, negative split
Friday: 5 miles* (+stroller)
Sunday: 14.4 miles, long run

*One of my 5-mile runs this week was supposed to include 3 miles at marathon pace. Both days, I thought I kept it relatively "easy" but ended up fairly close to the prescribed workout. Wednesday's run included miles at 9:17, 9:23 and 9:22; Friday's splits were 9:47, 9:16, 9:14, 9:25 and 9:24. My pie in the sky dream is a 4-hour marathon, which is a 9:09 pace, and my "let's get it but be realistic" goal is a 4:15, a 9:44 pace.

◊ ◊ ◊

My summer vacation is over. Well, it's technically Mark's summer vacation that is coming to an end but it's also been a break for me, too.

I've been able to run the miles that have been prescribed for me without so much as a third thought. (I was going to type a second thought but there's always a second thought in parenting.) Mark and Miles would join me for the runs they could, or at least part of a run, and I could go out on my own as need be. Mark would push the BOB for tempo runs so I could run hard without resistance I could shower without worrying about my climber taking the stairs or turning on Elmo. There was always coffee waiting, and I could pack my lunch with two hands.

As the school year resumes, I will revisit my days running with both the stroller and the dog and logging as many miles as someone (ahem, Miles) allows. It's a fine routine - waking up, giving Miles breakfast and heading out for 5 miles before coming home to Elmo and a hot shower.

It just doesn't jibe with marathon training.

My weekday runs are getting longer (though I'm capping them at 8 miles) and the quality runs are getting more intense (hello, 4x1 tempo this week). It's not practical nor is it appealing to take the stroller out for that long, and the dog has a limit of 5 miles until it gets cooler. Mark and I have talked a lot (read: Kim has obsessed while Mark plays on his iPad) about what my options are, and I think I have a few solid choices.

1. Take the stroller. I still have some 5-mile runs in the mix, and I even think I can test my child for 6 miles. This plan is dependent on Miles waks

However, I did learn that this option does not work two days in a row. I set my alarm for 5 a.m. Friday only to get up, get dressed and lay down on the couch. I got up an hour later when the boys started stirring and ended up taking Miles and Denali on a 5-mile run.

3. Go halfsies. For longer runs, I can get up at dawn and log part of my run before swinging by the house to pick up the BOB and dog. This option requires Mark to ready the boys and stand in the street but it could work on days like Friday when I don't want to get up.

Of course, I think it will take a couple weeks to see how things shake out and figure out what I like best. And to remember what it is like to push a BOB for 5 miles.

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The winner of "Train Like a Mother" is ...

::cue drum roll::

CERISE. Email your mailing info to hlthystrides (at) gmail (dot) com, and I will get you a copy.


  1. I went on my 7 mile long run Sunday and it was hot! Your time for 14 miles is awesome!!! Erica

  2. Oh man this brings back memories. My youngest was 1 when I trained for my first marathon. I had my runs done by 6:30am before hubby left for work. If i went out later with the BoB i also often ended up pulling my oldest on her bike. Those were tough days. I feel for you. But you will feel so triumphant when you cross that finish line in Columbus!

  3. You broke 30 miles! Woohoo. I did for the first time in training this week too.

    Running with a stroller is really hard. I'm sure you guys will figure out a new routine and get settled. If you do have to run with Miles, well, extra credit!