Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tried and True: A product review

There are three things that people say to me when they tell me they saw me on the "Today Show."

1. How nice of Joy Bauer to say you looked like a model.

2. I wished they would have talked to you more.

3. Kathie Lee and Hoda sure didn't give your drink a try.

Sing it, sistas.

When I go back and watch the video, the reaction of the fourth-hour hosts to the True Lemon-spiked water is the one thing that mars the experience. Sure, it looked slightly discolored and it was warm but they had decided it would be off and it was.

To them.

For me? Well, I have come to not only enjoy but rely on True Citrus products.

About True Citrus:
At True Citrus, our goal is to meet the needs of today's consumer by creating innovative, high quality food products that offer taste and convenience while complimenting a healthy diet and providing value for consumer's money.

Add a burst of citrus taste to your recipes and beverages with 100% all-natural True Lemon®, and True Lime™ and True Orange™. Deliver authentic, fresh-squeezed taste in an easy, consistent and shelf-stable format with no labor, waste, or mess! Each serving contains: 0 calories, 0 carbohydrates,  0 grams sugar, 0 grams fat, no preservatives, no artificial colors, no sodium, gluten-free and 25 percent of RDA of Vitamin C. 
How I use True Citrus:

We all know that I love Diet Coke. More than love Diet Coke. I'd probably drink it with breakfast, during  a run and before I went to bed if I didn't let common sense and nutrition prevail.

However, common sense and knowing that I should drink water doesn't make it easier. I've become quite fond of the True Lime and True Grapefruit packets, which are crystallized fruit that is just like squeezing a wedge of fruit in your water. The grapefruit is fresh and the lime reminds me of margaritas. I don't really like margaritas so it's odd that I like it but I'm a complex woman. Deal.

Some of you may always have citrus fruits (or strawberry - do try this in water) in your refrigerator to add flavor to your water and thus negating the need for True Citrus. But I don't. Why? I forget about it, for one; two, I don't want to run up the grocery bill that won't get used entirely; and three ... who carries a grapefruit in their purse for office use?

I usually have a box with a variety of flavors in my desk drawer so that if I know I need water but the vending machine is calling that I can fight off the urge for at least 10 minutes while I chug my water. Chugging water = good, especially in this heat and marathon training.

I also like the more Crystal Light-like packets that are Raspberry Lemonade flavored. I get the sugary sweet taste I want under the delusion that I'm being healthful and without the caffeine. The lemonade also has Stevia as opposed to artificial sweeteners - a fact that I appreciate.

True Citrus also has products that are more cooking specific, and I've used True Lemon and True Orange in my dishes. I used True Lemon in my Healthier Chicken Parmesan on Sunday to brighten the flavor, and I used True Orange in the carrot zucchini muffins that I made for Miles. I think you could easily sub True products when a recipe calls for citrus zest and your lemon is shriveled in the back of the crisper.

In sum:

I like True Citrus. It makes me drink water. Eff you Kathie Lee and Hoda - not all of us can drink wine for a living.

Want to try it?

The 500-count boxes of True Lemon, True Lime and True Grapefruit are 50 percent off this month. Originally $32.99, you can now snag 'em for $16.50 each. (What a deal!) Ten-count, 32-count, 2-quart, and 2.85-ounce shaker products are also 50 percent off + $2.95 shipping too! Just use promo TRUEJULY at checkout on

Disclaimer: I received True Citrus products for free in exchange for an honest review. These opinions are my own and y'all know I have no problem sharing things I don't like.


  1. I've had the True Lime and Lemon. I didn't know they had other flavors. Now I need to get some!

  2. I have never tried True Citrus, I am going to have to give it a try now.. anything that helps with water consumption!

  3. I think the raspberry lemonade looks good! I will have to give it a try :)

  4. Is it flavored with actual stevia or truvia or reb a or one of those stevia things? I have the worst time finding drinks that I won't hurt my stomach. Anything with aspartame is out. Anything with Sucrolose is out. Pure stevia is fine, but Truvia and Reb A and all the others hurt. It sucks! I am doomed to a life of just drinking water or high-calorie beverages.

    1. Man, to drink straight up Cherry Coke ... any way, the stomach is a bummer. Some of the products do not have any sweetener at all (True Lemon and True Lime, which are marked for cooking baking & beverages). The other products list Rebiana with Stevia in parentheses as the final ingredient, indicating with an asterisk that it's from the Stevia plant. Hope that helps!

  5. Thanks to you and your wonderful blog, I won a whole case of the stuff and it truly is wonderful!! I made shrimp scampi last night, sprinkled in some true lemon with fresh lemon juice and it really made the lemon flavor POP! Thanks again for the giveaway!!

    1. Yum! Feel free to make that for me any time :) I'm glad you are enjoying your winnings.