Monday, May 7, 2012

Sunday bliss

Sunday was the best kind of day.

There was no long long run on the schedule. There was no laundry list of errands to run. We didn't have anywhere to be or have anyone to see. For the first weekend day in a long time, Mark, Miles and I could just be.

And, I'm not gonna lie, it was glorious.

We started our day with breakfast at Spyro's, our favorite Greek spot in Fort Wayne. After my Olympic skillet settled, we went for a decent 5.4-mile run and came home for showers, snacks and more. While I did have to run to Target for diapers, a trip to Tarjay never really qualifies as an errand :)

While that might seem like enough to make a day good, the best was yet to come.

Miles and I took a much needed nap (!!) and then it was off to the library.

Mark took Miles to the library when I was Indianapolis, and he has spent the entire week raving about the experience. The children's section has a play room, with a specified area just for non-walkers.

There are tactile toys, board books, tummy time mats with mirrors and a giant rocking chair. There's even a mother's room with changing area and a rocker and Boppy for nursing. Seriously fantastic.

Miles' favorite part was playing with the beads with a close second being chasing the 7-year-old trying to play trains with his dad.

We did read a little bit and even thought it was a Sesame Street pop-up book, Miles was less interested in Elmo and more interested in getting into things he shouldn't.

Side note: He did spend enough time with Elmo to rip off his hand. Yeah, that was a fun trip to the service desk.

Afterward, we stopped at Dunkin Donuts for an iced coffee.

Wait, maybe that was my favorite part.

How was your weekend? Low key or busy?

And a big congrats to every one who raced this weekend!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend to me!! Especially Tarjay and your run!! =-)

  2. yay sounds like such a fun weekend! I feel like all of a sudden Miles looks so much older, but still cute as ever. Love when kiddos love going to the library. I've taken the twins a few times and they had a blast. My inner book nerd gets all excited about that kind of stuff. Had a good weekend, but as usual, went by too fast.

  3. Wendy, IndianapolisMay 7, 2012 at 11:09 AM

    Thanks for the I've trained and during mini this past weekend!

  4. Your day was definitely Sunday bliss! What a fun library. The town I grew up in has a library like that but my town doesn't. L and I might just have to "use" my parent's address to get ourselves access to the super fun library. My weekend was low key...still living the housebound life with a newborn. One more week is what I keep telling myself. ha!

  5. Oh goodness. Miles is ridiculous. His lovely orange moppy hair just lit up my laptop - too cute! Glad you guys got to take a fun family day, and you know I'm all for a day at the library. Start 'em off in the book stacks early!