Friday, May 4, 2012

Disturbing behavior

There's embarrassing. And then there's embarrassing.

Embarrassing: Realizing that you brought a bright pink sports bra to wear under a white tank top.

Embarrassing: Realizing that you brought no sports bra to wear under a white tank top.

Embarrassing: Realizing you have snot dripping during a race.

Embarrassing: Blowing said snot on a fellow racer.

And then there's today:

Embarrassing: Realize that you wore a cotton tee to run on a hot and humid day.

Embarrassing: Taking off said cotton tee because no one is around and running in just a sports bra ... only to pass your neighbors who are good, devout and MODEST Catholics (and parents to eight kids).

Yeah. If I didn't know it before, I know it now: Keep your shirt on in public.

What embarrassing lessons have you learned during/from running?


  1. I used to teach sex ed and I used to tell my students to "keep their pants on" I suppose you might want to also consider that running advice too :) hee hee!

    I learned to just keep an extra sports bra in my bag - 3 times last summer I failed to pack one and ran in just my regular bra - big ta ta girls really shouldn't do that . . . we also headed onto a wooded trail to minimize the number of interactions with others.

    At least you got out there . . . on this super hot and humid day! NICE! And besides. . . your neighbors are likely to pray for your soul now so . . .it's a win-win (not overheated from today's weather or potentially future hell - hee hee . . I'm on a comedy roll tonight!)

  2. I learned to go pee before running ..'buff said!

    1. Supposed to be "'nuff said." stupid auotcorrect!

  3. Well frankly, if they have 8 kids, the site of a bare stomach shouldn't phase them anyway ;-)

  4. Ha! I learned to test out a pair of running tights before racing in them. I ran a whole race holding up my too big tights. Didn't need for all of NYC to see my booty.