Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hair raiser

Growing up, I was known for one thing: my hair.

No matter my weight or how I fit into the mold of beauty, I was always complimented on my hair. The color, the thickness, the cut. Mostly, though it was the color.

And while I did somewhat tire of it, I could always feel like I had something going for me - even when I felt less than confident in my appearance.

It's something I've passed onto Miles.

From the moment he was born, we were in awe of his copper top.

Even as he lost his baby hair, he remained a ginger - much to my chagrin.

Everywhere we go, Miles is complimented for his hair - I swear it was the topic of multiple conversations last weekend at Panera. There was a table of two women who could not get over it. At. All.

As he grows older, though, it's not so much about the color. It's about the style. A style I can do nothing about. No matter what I do, his hair sticks straight up. I've tried wetting it and then brushing it. I've used eco-friendly, gentle hair products but no dice. The closest I get is a bit of a faux hawk ( a style I'm excited to exploit in the future).

I naively thought that a hair cut might help. We went on Sunday, and I had the distinct pleasure of trying to wrangle him as the stylist moved at lightning speed. She got the sides even and trimmed the top. Our efforts, though, I fear it made it worse.

Not that I mind really - I think he looks cute, regardless ... and I'm a firm believer that parents should have crazy photos of their kids for use during the teenage years.

Note: I understand that this is a completely gratuitous post to showcase pictures of my child. Return tomorrow for regular programming.


  1. He is absolutely adorable. And a very handsome little guy. He could be bald and beautiful, for all the hair world cares :)

  2. The last once made me laugh out loud. That hair is awesome! Who knows, maybe someday it will be in style to have hair that stands up straight!

    I have a red tint to my hair and it's curly. I am always getting comments about it. You do get a bit tired of it and actually start to expect it. If too many days go by without a comment I feel self-conscious. I know that's really dumb and self-centered, but it's what happens.

  3. I LOVE babies with sticky-up hair. And even better if it's red! He is so stinkin cute!

  4. you know how I feel about your posts devoted to miles - keep em coming!! I think his hair is adorable as is yours :) Plus the way his sticks up now gives him character and just makes him extra cute

  5. Ahhhh seriously soo cute! Period! Nothing more can be said!!!! Dang he melts my heart!!!!!

  6. I literally lol'd at his haircut. Too cute :)

  7. Bailey came home with a paper the first week in Kindergarten. She wrote an interesting fact about herself: "People are jealous of my strawberry blonde hair".

  8. As someone who has spent a lot of money to be a fake redhead, I am so jealous of your hair and Miles'!

    Gingers are always adorable (then handsome) attention grabbers - Exhibit A: Prince Harry. Thanks for sharing these cute photos!

  9. Hi girlie -
    Sorry to do this to you, but I tagged you on my blog - feel no pressure to join in the fun.