Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dawning of a new day

I was naive. So, so, so naive.

As a very new mom, I thought that one day Miles would not only sleep through the night but sleep through the night in his own bed. I also thought that I would be able to get up early and squeeze in a run before Miles got up, making the often-times arduous stroller runs the exception and not the rule.

Obviously this did not happen.

Mark's and my effort to make everyone's sleep a priority, rejecting sleep training and accepting the transition to a family bed have made this nearly impossible, especially when factoring in Miles' poor sleep habits. Even if I could get up at 5 or 5:30 a.m. to run, Mark gets up at 5:45 to shower for work and that would leave Miles alone in bed.

No run is worth the risk of him getting hurt. The stroller runs have almost been a penance for allowing him to sleep with us, and I've had to accept tweaks in the schedule when he sleeps too late.

Mark and I have discussed getting Miles back in his bed, especially as his year birthday approaches but more so because he's become increasingly difficult to sleep with. We've had hourlong parties at midnight and been throat punched more than we'd like. There have been noses picked, hair pulled and kicks to the nether regions.

However, it was last night when I somehow got peed on in addition to those things when I finally said, "Enough." I figured he could go in his crib and fuss it out. Even if it kept us up, no matter - we were up anyway. Lo and behold, after less than 5 minutes of fussing, he was asleep. He did wake up at 5:15 but a bottle and cuddles quieted him and I found myself awake at 5:30.

Now, I could have gone back to sleep. It definitely would have been beneficial to my mood. I had a sinking feeling, though, that Miles would sleep later and infringe on my very narrow run window. So I went into the bedroom and asked Mark if it was OK to run. (Note: It wasn't really a question but more of a courtesy.)

I suited up and was out the door by 5:45. My dream, 10 months in the making, became reality.

The run wasn't particularly fantastic and my MOTOACTV gave me problems (again ... more on that later) but it was so freeing to be out before it got hot, before people were out, before the sun was up. I covered just shy of 4 miles and walked in the door just as Miles woke up.

I'm not sure how regular this occurrence might be but I am thankful for today.


  1. O Happy day!!!! I am PLEASED AS PUNCH :) Too bad he didn't send Emilia the memo about sleeping in!!

  2. Yay!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully you can squeeze in more morning runs solo in the future too!!!!

  3. YAY! Take what you can get, while you can get it :)

  4. Good for Miles! I hope he does keep repeating this for you!

  5. Yay, Miles!! I am always grateful for a walk/run without the boys. Extra grateful if the pup has already gone on his morning run and I have some me time. :o) Doesn't happen often, so those moments are extra special.

  6. Starting your day with getting peed on . . hmm, well now that's just pissy! Ha ha! Now worries, my comedy show is here all week :)

    Sooo happy for you - be safe out there alone though (not that Miles can protect you - yet, but still).

    Sooo glad you had a reprieve!

    Girl I miss you!!!! A Lot! I miss pump and piloxing and laughing and chatting and eye rolling and photo taking and you!!! I miss these things very much!!!!!In a week or so I should be good enough to drive to the big city so . . . . hopefully we can plan a gathering (a sitting gathering that is - boo to me for being a clutz).

    Give the tiny hiney a hug from autie lisa.

  7. I have to get my workout in before the kids wake up or the chances of it happening are slim to none. It's also nice to get it done and I feel better the rest of the day but man 4:50am is an early wake up call!

    I hope your luck continues and you'll be a regular morning runner!

    P.S. Miles is almost one??? Time has flown by!

  8. awesome!! good for you! i KNOW how hard it is to get out the door when you're EXHAUSTED, so double props for you ;)

    i think you did the right thing putting miles in his bed. it will be better for all of you. i hope it continues to go in that direction.

    and thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. i need all the support i can get right now- and you have ALWAYS been an inspiration for me. i am grateful to have come across your blog and to "share" motherhood and running with you.

  9. Good for you! It takes time to for the wee ones to get on a solid sleep schedule and one you get use to one thing it'll change again, LOL!

  10. Nice work! (And stick with getting him in the crib if you're ready for it... we made the mistake of waiting till our little guy was almost 2, and I can't recommend it!)

  11. That's awesome! I have Lucas in the crib from the beginning and sleep in a twin bed in the same room. When he is awake sometimes I am sooo tempted to have him sleep with me but I stop myself. I hope MIles keeps on sleeping in that crib of his for you! I admire you for getting in your workout early, I am always dragging in the morning. :)