Sunday, March 18, 2012

Things I have decided (+giveaway winner)

*You can only run as far as your mind will allow you. I had 8 miles on the schedule - just 8 nice miles on a cut back week ahead of Saturday's 20K - and I could have done no more. How I ran 11 miles last week is beyond me.

*I would run with a MOTOACTV - even if I didn't get one for free. Reason No. 153: I forgot to turn it off after yesterday's failed second run and I was still able to use it this morning. For all 8 miles. And still had battery to spare. Anyone who has set off only to learn that the Garmin is dead knows just how awesome that is.

*I don't care what the calendar says - it's summer. Or at least spring. If you care to know my reasoning, it's not just the seriously above normal temperatures. It's more that I accidentally ate a bug on my run this morning.

*I am (finally) becoming a better runner because Mark accompanies me on part of my long runs. The little bugger makes me run faster than I should.

*Pushing Miles in the BOB sans car seat adapter is a much more manageable task.

*No matter how comfortable I find Nike Tempo shorts to be, I still think they make me look like I'm wearing a diaper. How do I know this? Well, I like to stare at my reflection in store windows as I pass. And I've seen Miles' butt in a diaper.

*Gu Roctane is not for me. I've tried several flavors, and I don't care for any of them.

*Pancakes, even if they are 7-grain, are the perfect recovery food.

*Making enough pancakes so that you can freeze them for later is much better in theory than practice.

*Biscoff spread is like crack.

And speaking of Biscoff, our winner is ...

Congratulations, Jan! Email (hlthystrides at gmail dot com) your mailing info and I'll have that sent out to you ASAP.

What have you decided lately?


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Just sent off my contact info -- can't wait to get some of that Biscoff. I"m already hooked on the cookies (thank you, Delta Airlines!) so I know this will be good! Crack indeed!! haha!

  2. Fun post! Great run . . . even with the extra bug protein (yuck - it's hard to believe there are bugs out already). AND speaking of fake summer - Thursday's forecast is for 89 degrees - Holy Heck . . . are we all just going to melt this summer?

    I would be VERY interested in another post (or 2 or 12) about your motoactive - how you use it, why you like it, how it can/has improved your running, who you think it would be good for (i.e. folks like me or serious runners or people who run and cross train), biggest challenge in learning to use it, most frustrating feature, fav feature, ease of use - do you need a degree from MIT? Just a suggestion.

  3. Got my motoactv Friday! Love that little device! Appreciate your take on it when you got yours.

    Today was just so hot. Felt like a slug. And my times showed it. Need to start with some intervals but a little intimated for some reason.

  4. It is totally summer/spring already! I'm a sweaty mess and I haven't even run :). I have decided lately that freezing cookie dough is awesome, I can have a cookie whenever I want. I totally agree with you on the Biscoff...crack for bloggers.