Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Body after baby: A wrap up, of sorts

I was 39 weeks pregnant when I had Miles, and I knew I was pregnant for about 34 of those weeks. Miles is now almost 37 weeks old, making him 9 months old according to the books but we still have a couple weeks on the calendar until he’s officially 9 months old.

So that means …

Fig, I don’t know. There’s too many numbers for me to deal with. Let’s just say that I’ve had enough time to get my back my pre-baby body.


And the verdict?


Not so much.

My last Weight Watchers weigh-in pre-pregnancy was 122.8 and the last time I stepped on the scale, I weighed 128.4. If you need some help with math, I’m 5.6 pounds away from my “starting weight” and 3.4 pounds from my arbitrarily determined happy weight of 125.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed as I see my “grace period” come to an end. I really wanted to be one of those people who miraculously snapped back after pregnancy. I wanted to be one of those women who see the pounds melt off while they are nursing. I wanted to be one of those mother runners who come back faster and stronger than before.

But I’m not. And I have to be OK with that.

The truth is, after all:

*That I fit into 99 percent of my pre-pregnancy clothes, including my skinny jeans from the photo above.

*I have remained committed to running and been consistent with strength training, and I’m seeing the results.


The first set of photos were taken Sept. 13 and the second set were taken March 17. I’m only about 10 pounds lighter but I feel like I look leaner and narrower, as well as a bit more toned in the arms.

*While I’m still making an effort to lose weight (tracking on MyFitnessPal), I am learning to live and maintain a weight. I had gotten so obsessive and controlling with my diet that I had a hard time enjoying myself. I think I’m learning (note: I did not say “discovered”) the balance between eating, exercise, life and weight.

*Beating myself up will do no good. I am doing what I can, when I can.

*Falling into the comparison trap also won’t do me any favors. I can only be me and this is who I am.

For now.

Looking forward: I want to be a stronger, faster runner. Period. Of course, I hope that my training will help me lose those last pesky few pounds but if not, I’ll live.


After all, he might just be worth those pesky 5 pounds.


  1. I really really hope you are truthful when you say that you aren't beating yourself up over a few pounds (!!!) because you are awesome and work hard and should be enormously proud of where you are. You rule!

  2. You look beautiful and strong - I think you're approach is working :)

  3. Omg, 5 pounds is nothing!! You look ad feel great, are running really well, fit into your clothes and have a beautiful baby. Enjoy your new life and new body!!

  4. I'd like to second the comments of Bobbie and Cynthiasolc! And . . . I would like you to look at that series of 6 photos - holy crap batman - look at those muscles . . . your back - UM yeah - that's just awesome work you've done!!!

    Seriously - the cutest lil' man in all of the land!!!!

  5. You look amazing!!!! You do look so much stronger and leaner than you were in September which is awesome. Miles is definitely worth those 5 lbs :)

  6. I completely understand - I'm up about 3 pounds from when I got pregnant, which was about 5-8 pounds up from my happy weight. And nursing has NOT melted the weight off. At all. (I'm hoping that the 5-10 pounds I can't budge are hanging on because I'm nursing - I've heard that.) Regardless, like you, I'm trying to focus on getting back to my pre-baby running level (or better!) and enjoying time with Leo and Dave... not stressing about my softer stomach or extra pounds.

    Also, you truly look amazing. The difference in your pics from September to March is awesome!! And I love your hair in the last picture!

  7. Our bodies definitely change when we have children and I think it is all worth it. I say make peace with the 5 lbs and keep being healthy. Your son is so adorable. :)

  8. This was great to read today. I'd lost 94 pounds and was still 15 pounds away from my goal weight when I got pregnant. Now I'm at 22 weeks, and though I'm beyond thrilled that I'm going to be a mom, watching the number on the scale creep (jump) up after years of watching it go down has been harder than I thought it would be. You look absolutely amazing and I'm encouraged that, though it won't be easy, I will also be able to get my body back and then some :-)