Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kick it up ... or how I almost punched my friend

I learned something last night. Well, more like reaffirmed something I've known for a really long time.

I have no rhythm. None. Zilch. Nada. Just ask my college roommate. She has stories but none that anyone really needs to hear.

Anyway. My lack of rhythm usually only plagues me during Zumba, when I just jump around and shake my butt, but last night I got to experience it in a whole new way.

Since I'll be missing Body Pump, Zumba and L on Saturday, I asked my friend to meet me for a boot camp-esque class and Turbo Kick. She is far too kind and obliged me - even though she took Body Pump and two Zumba classes the day before.

Katie (in the middle) taught our boot camp session in December, and it was so nice to have her kick my butt again. Instead of the normal circuits, we did cardio and strength intervals, which used only our own body weight for resistance. The cardio intervals consisted of squats, lunges and jumping jacks. For strength, we hit the mat for push ups, tricep push ups, bridges and planks.

I must be getting stronger (finally) because when Katie announced that the 45-minute class was over, I said, "Are you serious?"

And she was.

L and I had a half-hour between boot camp and TurboKick - a bit too long if you ask me. Sure, I had time to go to the bathroom, chat with my friend and get some water but I was antsy by 7:15. So I did what any sane person would do.

I hopped on the spin bike and pedaled with mock ferocity while I chatted with L. I figured if I didn't feel challenged enough in boot camp that I should make the best use of the down time. And somebody else was doing it, and how dare someone show me up?!

A quick ride later, and it was time for Turbo Kick.

Turbo Kick is "a combination of intense kickboxing moves, as well as, dance moves all perfectly choreographed to high energy and motivating music."

And this is where my rhythm problem came in, only exacerbated by my unfamiliarity with the workout. People punched right, I punched left. We were supposed to take 3 steps, I took 5. I was supposed to punch to the wall and I almost punched L. It was a mess. A hot mess. Unlike Zumba, I couldn't just jump around and shake my ass. I found myself just jumping and punching ... and praying that I didn't hit anyone. Which I didn't. I don't think.

Although, I think I could have totally punched the instructor in the gut and she wouldn't have felt it. How is it fair to have abs like that? I look pregnant and she's got an eight-pack.

Oh well. It was a good workout and it's always good to venture outside your comfort zone. Oh, and it was a good affirmation of my chosen workout love: running. Very little rhythm required.

Have you busted out of a rut lately? What's your favorite new-to-you workout?


  1. Aww I love your blog!!! You are so funny!

  2. OHHH you're too funny . . . the flip side to that coin is that I also JUST COULDN'T GET IT either and on more than one occasion I nearly trampled you - sorry friend! It is good to get out of our rut every now and then. If you would be here on Saturday - I would twist your arm to go ice skating with me as our N2U Cross Training challenge for March (since it closes on Sunday). Alas, you're not going to be here - hope you have fun nonetheless!!!

    I'm "in the game" anytime you want to work out. I missed BP and my run with "C" tonight because of work - sigh!

  3. lol oh trust me, I have zero rhythm and tried a similar class once and nearly killed myself and everyone around me. I haven't really tried any new fitness recently...I shoul get on that.