Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WIAW: Happy baby

"Seven times?" Mark asked. "Are you serious?"

"Yes, Mark. Seven times," I told him. "Eight if you count the middle of the night."

I was giving Mark a feeding schedule for Miles while I'm away. It's more of an ideal schedule than an actual one ... but that could be said for pretty much anything about babies.

Anyway, while I was getting Miles' food down, I thought it might be interesting to do What I Ate Wednesday ... Miles edition. 

6 a.m. Bottle, 4 ounces.

8 a.m. 3 tablespoons cereal with pureed fruit and 3-ounce bottle.

Right now, we have three boxes of baby cereal going on - oatmeal, brown rice and barley. It's a good thing they're flaky and weird because we all know I can chow on some cereal. Anyway, I just throw a tablespoon of each into the bowl, add a couple plops of fruit (if using Gerber) or 1 cube (if homemade). Today was Gerber, of the apple-prune variety. Mmm.

10:30 a.m. 4-ounce bottle, served in the tony lobby of our pediatrician's office/in the back of the car.

Yep, we were at the doctor again. Miles was still pulling at his ear, and I was worried that his ear infection was lingering. I wanted to make sure he was as close to 100 percent as I could before leaving for NOLA so I made an appointment.

And, as it turns out, I was right. I might be 98 percent clueless but I did get that one right. New antibiotic for Miles. Yay. So if he's fussy for Mark this weekend, it will be separation anxiety and/or general crankiness.

Noon. 3-ounce bottle and 4 tablespoons cereal ... with beets. Yes, beets. My son ate beets. My son, who refused solids for so long. I swear my daycare provider can get him to do just about anything - nap, eat foods, behave.

3 p.m. 3-ounce bottle

5 p.m. 3 tablespoons cereal with green beans - his favorite.

And, no, we don't use bibs.

6 p.m. Potato

OK, he really didn't eat it. More like chewed. I gave it to him (washed, of course) while I was prepping my dinner.

Open-faced Buffalo chicken sandwich with roasted potatoes and broccoli.

7 p.m. 6-ounce bottle

11 p.m. 4-ounce bottle

Sounds super interesting, right? I'm sure you've got something better. What are you eating today?


  1. Love it! I didn't realize how much time would center around feeding when I was pregnant. It's kind of ridiculous! :)

  2. I made some beets for Ella this weekend. She hasn't tried them yet, but I'm interested to see how she likes them. Miles is a champ eater! I was all excited when Ella at 1 tbsp of squash and 1 tbsp of minestrone soup yesterday. She's a food snob already.

  3. I rather enjoyed this WIAW. It's interesting to see how other babies eat! On a semi-related note, my husband thought that our middle-of-the-night feedings only kept me up for 10 minutes. HA! It's more like nurse for 7-8 min, burp, change diaper, back on for 3-4 min, burp again, switch sides, hang out for 10-12 more min, then *hopefully* put a sleeping kiddo down (but most likely listen to her grunt and gurgle for 15 more minutes) before finally falling asleep again myself.

    Hence the reason I had a huge mug of hot black tea this morning to wake myself back up!

  4. leftover macaroni grill pasta milano is my treat!

  5. The open faced buffalo chicken sandwich sounds good!

    My boy is 18 months & I can't believe how much he can eat.

  6. I too enjoyed this post! Miles is adorable. I ate a free cookie from Subway today . . . (cue game show loser music) - it had 220 calories . . . . agh!

  7. I enjoyed reading about Miles. Two more weeks til we get to introduce Clare to cereal. I can't wait!

  8. miles is a good eater! at least he seems to be eating way more than my little one. that is a good variety of foods too - nice job, mama!