Monday, December 12, 2011

Tight squeeze

I have a 10-degree rule.

If it's 10 degrees or warmer, I'll run outside. If it's not, I'm ... well ... not. I'll stay inside in favor of a DVD workout or a treadmill run.

While I consider running in 30-degree weather perfect and 20-degree weather to be quite comfortable, it's only possible with the right gear. Half-zip jackets layered over compression tops and tights are standard wear for me when it turns chilly. I've been wearing Target's C9 line the past two winters but found myself in the market for a new pair of tights as I ripped mine last year when the sidewalk tripped me.

Thankfully, the folks at Pearl Izumi and Outside PR came to my aid.I was sent a pair of Pearl Izumi SELCT Thermal Tights to try out.

About the tights

The W's SELECT Thermal Tight is designed for maximum warmth and comfort for cold weather.

[Pretend there's a photo of me wearing said tights right here. I left my SD card at work - don't ask - and couldn't snap any pictures this weekend. If you forgot what I look like, just move your eyes to the right hand corner of this blog.]

My thoughts

I'll be honest - I wasn't sure I was going to like these tights when I first put them on. They seemed to ride lower on my already short frame and the elastic seemed to hit me at an odd spot on my hip bones. It didn't chafe or anything like that but merely felt weird. I have since worn them a handful of times and the fit issue no longer seems to be a problem. It might have helped that I've lost 4 pounds since I first started wearing them. Might have.

My favorite part of the tights is the reflective detailing, both on the front leg and the back (a Pearl Izumi logo). As we all know, I'm all about being seen and I'll take any help where I can.

The tights are great for 20+ degree runs but I'd recommend wearing an outer layer for any run in the teens. I even run a bit hot and felt a bit chilly - though not uncomfortably so - when I ran this weekend. (Oh, yes. I ran this weekend. Twice. I totally made up for a lackluster week with a 4-miler and a 5-miler, both sub-10 pace!)

Parting words

These tights are pretty great and look forward to many cool weather miles ahead this winter although I'll be adding a second layer. However, the $70 price tag will probably keep me from getting a second pair. You know, that's like two boxes of diapers and Miles is refusing to start walking and go to the potty. Geesh. 5-month-olds these days!


  1. I'm impressed with your 10 degree rule. Mine is more like 40 degrees.

  2. From a person who ran with you while you wore them - they fit well and looked cute on you. I was not in the least bit ashamed to be seen with you :) (we all know THOSE people who wear the tights who probably shouldn't or that REALLY don't fit well - no such problem with the PI tights).