Monday, July 4, 2011

Ditchin’ Post

How to not entertain guests:


Forgo making healthy, delicious foods in favor of Little Caesars pizza and crazy bread because you are lazy, cheap and/or pregnant.


Invite friends over for a game night – and make them bring the game. 


Sit on the sidelines with the dog while friends play said game because Denali is the only one certain to not to make fun of your cornhole skills.


While you sit on the sidelines because you don’t want to be made fun of, join the boys in teasing your husband and his questionable cornhole skills.


Make yourself – and only yourself – a delicious frozen beverage because you can’t have any beer.

Meet the Frozen Strawberry Basil Lemonade. It is the most refreshing and surprisingly delicious drink I’ve had in a very, very long time. The other lady at the gathering also got a drink and said it was lovely so it’s not just a baby craving.

Here’s how to make it:

2 cups Crystal Light lemonade (or lemonade drink of choice)

1 cup frozen strawberries

1/4 cup fresh basil leaves (I used a lemon basil variety from my garden)

Throw it all in a blender and add more lemonade if needed. Pour in a wine glass and enjoy. Makes 2 generous preggo-size servings. Don’t worry if you drink the whole batch – it would be less than 100 calories.

Oh, and if you want to drink, I gave Mark a taste with a splash of tequila and got a thumbs up.

What’s your favorite frozen summer drink?


  1. yummmm love the sound of this drink! Thanks for sharing! And hilarious - i'm totally guilty of inviting people over for a game night and then having them bring the game. haha

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun. I love LC Pizza- only had it 2-3 times, though sadly! For what it's worth, there is a corn hole tornament as part of the Bluffton Street Fair . . .just in case the boys want to prove their skill level. Ha!
    p.s. the hummus "station" was AWESOME- photos to come

  3. Looks like such a fun day!! That drink sounds delicious. I love frozen lemonade and arnold palmers. With booze, I love a margarita and pina colada. YUMMY!!!!

  4. I *love* strawberry basil lemonade!

  5. I love the strawberry lemonade idea. I've been looking for more drink recipes now that I can't have beer this summer either!