Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Move that body: 30 minutes “10 Minute Solution – Target Toning for Beginners”

Guess who went for a run today?


Guess who didn’t go?


Yeah, that would be Mark and Denali running and me, well, not so much.

After my acid reflux issues of last week forced me to take some rest days, I kind of felt like it was a good time to hang up the Under Armor cap and stash away the Garmin. I made it through most of my 36th week. I could say that I ran when I was 9 months pregnant. My last run was a good one – I could end on a high note. And, most importantly, it finally felt like time.

So while they left for a 3-miler, I stayed home (maybe a bit teary-eyed) with Cindy Whitmarsh. She’s a personal trainer and exercise DVD personality and just happens to be the instructor of one of my former (and favorite) ExerciseTV options – Tank Top Arms. While we’re still sans cable and, therefore, without Exercise TV, I found that Netflix has some workout options to put in my Instant Queue. One such option was “10 Minute Solution - Target Toning for Beginners.”

“Target Toning” is (duh) divided into 10-minute sections that focus on specific body parts: thighs, arms and shoulders, buns, abs and power stretch.I did the first three sections – thighs, arms and buns – and while it wasn’t really challenging, per se, I didn’t manage to sweat and I know I’ll feel the thighs tomorrow. Effing lunges.

Do you follow DVDs for strength training? What’s your favorite?

I like anything by Jillian Michaels and, when we had cable, I would do a lot of selections available OnDemand through Exercise TV.


  1. I think it is unbelievable that you were able to run at all when 9 months pregnant. The hubby and I are just starting to try to concieve and my goal is to be just like to (god willing my body reacts pleasently to being pregnant!). I'm glad you were able to end on a high note and that you felt as if it was time on your own accord and not because a doctor told you to! That must feel nice to have had the decision on your own!

  2. Great job on what you have already done during your pregnancy!

    And if the boys go for a run you can always walk and catch them on the return :)

  3. I agree - congrats on running into the 9th month -that's remarkable. I'm pretty sure the grass your standing in is the grass I was laying in (discussed in tonight's post) - yep, it looks very familiar. It wasn't my finest hour - way to hang up your shoes BEFORE you too had to roll give up in the grass!

    p.s. There is a girl in my half mary class who lost 115 pounds and I told her about your blog. Eric Ade (our teacher) was super interested in it and he said he might try to get a link on the 3rrco website to your blog-hmmm, how cool!

  4. Found you today from The Fitnessista - LOVE your story and your pregnancy fit tips. you are so real and out there - great tips for those of us who are planning to start a family soon! :)

  5. Glad I could make you giggle - ha! It was indeed a "beautiful" scene - not kidding, definitely NOT finest hour.
    I had to come back over to your blog because I didn't recognize the little picture next to your comment - holy cow -it's you! You look like a model - GREAT photo, lady!!!!

  6. It's amazing that you were running in your ninth month! :) You'll be back before you know it.

  7. Running in your 36th month is awesome... and stopping when you feel like it's time is even more awesome. Who knows, maybe another run will happen still... and if it doesn't, like you said, you ended on a high note! You're really inspiring!