Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Totally spoked

Move that body: 1.5-mile walk (it was cut short by round ligament pain – boo!)

I leaped over Denali and jumped into bed. It might have been 6:45 a.m. but I just had to tell Mark.

“Behb, I’ve got good news,” I exclaimed.

He rolled over and began to sit up.

“Did your water break?”

Uh. No. This news was far more exciting than my water breaking.

Fort-4-Fitness, the fall half-marathon here, was adding an event - a spring event.


The Inaugural Spring Cycle “will be held over Memorial Day weekend and will include a 56 mile race on Saturday May 26 (for licensed cyclists in Classes 1 to 5), followed by tours of 15, 25 or 56 miles (open to all ‘weekend cyclists’ and anyone else wanting to take the challenge),” according to the website.

“But, Kim,” you’re thinking, “you are a runner.”

Yes, I’m a runner but Mark’s first love is cycling, and I knew he’d be pumped to take on the challenge of a 56-mile ride (although I have no idea what a licensed cyclist is). I could cheer him on with baby boy, hand him PB&J along the route and enjoy watching men in tight shorts show off their athleticism.

Of course, the timing just happens to be perfect if – and I say if – I wanted to take on the event as it would be weeks after a spring half-marathon. (My No. 1 choice, the Flying Pig, is May 6 and the Indy Mini is May 5.) I’d be inclined to do the 25 miles as I have a hybrid bike – not a road bike – and 56 miles on such a bike would take me a good three hours. And by “good three hours” I mean longer than three hours. Either way, it would be good to have different event post-half marathon to focus on and encourage cross training.

So what do you think? Would you ever consider doing such a biking event?


  1. Yes, I totally would! Blake and I were going to do a Century Ride last year, but we flaked. I'm disappointed. This year it's too close to my marathon training... maybe we'll do one next year. We do have road bikes though... what a difference they make!

  2. Totally! I've done a 51-mile ride in Michigan the last couple of years and loved it! Definitely different from running, but awesome nonetheless!

  3. Sounds awesome! I'm not a huge biker, though...not sure if I would do it or not!

  4. I think that sounds awesome! I have a bike but it's also a hybrid. I would love to do a bike event though, those long rides are intriguing to me.

  5. When I was in middle school (ages ago), I used to do a lot of bike events. As a side note, my lil' town here is putting together an awesome family biking event in partnership with National Neighborhood Day in August and will be called "Pedal & Picnic" - 2 distances with SAG stops, followed by a petting zoo and picnic in the park. Not maybe for you this year, but maybe next?? I think having the Spring Cycle F4F is an AWESOME idea - not going to sign up, but still think it's a great idea!!!!