Friday, June 3, 2011

Short sighted

The other week, thanks to my gracious husband, I ordered a slew some maternity clothes from


dress shorts top

The dress was fab, the top is great for work and the shorts, which I was so excited about, well … they didn’t fit. And it made me sad. Sad because the fit issue was my “swollen” legs and not the low-rise (as opposed to full-panel) style.

So I headed out today over my lunch break to hit up Target in the hopes of finding a replacement pair for the weekend as it’s going to hit 90 degrees tomorrow in the land of Grandma.

I didn’t really think much about the trip as I grew accustomed to things fitting – actually fitting – for the first time in my life pre-pregnancy and my maternity clothes thus far have been fairly appeasing to my ego. However, with one pair of shorts on the body, I was instantly taken back to the old days of wanting to cry in the dressing room when nothing seemed to fit and I couldn’t bear to get dressed and search for a bigger size.

I tried to be positive -- trying on styles I didn’t like, leaving Target empty-handed to go to horror-of all-horrors Motherhood Maternity and try on more shorts.

No deal.

I was ready to leave empty-handed, defeated and sad, when I saw a cute floral summer dress on sale. It might not have been the shorts I wanted but at least it could go along for the ride this weekend. And Mark couldn’t fuss because it was on sale. I plundered through the rack, looking for a size small and did a little happy dance when I found one. I picked it up, holding it out to admire it.

“Wait,” I thought. “That’s not a dress.”


It was a romper. Like I wore when I was 5. I know they are all the rage and I’d probably want one if I was still buying size 2 skinny jeans and not staring down car seats at Target BUT I hope we can all agree that no pregnant lady should buy one of these. Ever.

And so I left. No shorts. No dress. No romper. My defeat hung a bit but was minimized by the ridiculousness of a MATERNITY romper.

I may not look good in shorts right now but at least I have sense.


  1. Ohmygosh, a maternity romper has to be the WORST idea ever. Thanks for the laugh!

    Sorry about the shorts issue though - that sucks.

  2. A FLORAL maternity romper? wow!

  3. Haha!

    I think the entire blogosphere will be most proud of your decision :)

    Hang in there and try to enjoy those last weeks, they really grow up TOO fast!

  4. Seriously a romper - think about the number of pee trips in a day . . . who the heck ever thought that was a good idea! UMMM NO!
    LOVE the Old Navy dress - soooo cute. You have to get your hubby to take you on a date so you can look absolutely fab (not that you don't always look awesome!!!). Have fun at your g-ma's!

  5. HAH! You made me laugh! That was funny! So sorry about the shorts, but that top and the dress are super cute!!! :0)

  6. I'm sorry, the ONLY girls who look good in rompers are super skinny girls. I myself am a size 12-ish pants and I wouldn't be caught dead in a romper.