Friday, June 3, 2011

Got a problem? Yo, I’ll solve it

Move that body: 3.26-mile walk


Move over, Vanilla Ice. There’s a new DJ in town to revolve it.

Problem No. 1: My bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats with skim milk and a sliced half-banana was sitting heavy on my tummy – even after an hour.

Problem No. 2: I ditched doctor’s orders and ate a 3 Musketeers during my breast-feeding class at the hospital last night. The sugar rush had baby boy doing the Truffle Shuffle late into the evening, and sleep was a bit troublesome. I woke up this morning tired and unmotivated to run yet I didn’t want to run only once this week.

Problem No. 3: We’ll be at Grandma’s this weekend and, lately, I find myself unmotivated to workout when I’m out of my routine.

Solution (to problems 1-3): Take an extra long walk this morning and tell Mark to pack his Brooks – we’re running at Grandma’s. Knowing that I’ll have to run there to save my dignity (aka get in two runs this week) is exercise insurance for the weekend.

Problem No. 4: Doctor tells me to lay off the bread, making my daily egg white muffins a thing of the past.

Solution: Make egg white omelets with deli ham and Laughing Cow Garlic & Herb.

Problem No. 5: Despite making omelets all week, your cooking prowess was also tired this morning and you were unable to flip the omelet and turned your egg whites into an ugly mess.

Solution: Use ham intended for omelet as a faux tortilla and wrap up your egg whites and Laughing cow in a slice.

Problem No. 6: Traveling to Grandma’s = dinner on the road (aka fast food/no vegetables)


Solution: Serve your genius Ham-Egg White Roll-Ups with that zucchini you intended to eat all week. Score a bonus point for not wasting produce.

Problem No. 7: I realized last night that either a) years of being self-conscious about my body has left me permanently damaged; or b) I’m too immature to talk about boobs, even in a clinical fashion, for 2 hours with a nurse and other women.

Solution: Taking funny pictures during breast feeding class (offered for free through the hospital where I’ll deliver) and text Mark about which baby I want to take.


Oh, and tell him that he’s never allowed to watch me feeding the baby. Never ever.

What problems are you fixing today?


  1. The thought of breastfeeding one day makes me nervous! I must be permanently damaged too. One of our computers died today, so we're trying to fix that problem. Luckily we own two.

  2. Haha I love this blog such an awesome idea!!! Breastfeeding makes me sooo nervous, I cant even imagine it!

  3. Was the class helpful? I didnt take a bf class prior to having my baby but I did see some lactation consultants after her birth. Wondering how helpful it is to learn about it before you're feeding your baby.