Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just take care of it

Move that body: Quick upper body set with 10-pound weights

This morning, Mark and I had to wake up super early. And, in case you forgot, this morning is Saturday.


This is my “Please, can we go to Dunkin’ Donuts for coffee later” face. It’s also my “Ohmygod, am I ever going to have a life face.”

We have an all-day parenting class where we’ll learn how to do things like change diapers and revive our child. It’s just another thing in a stream in never-ending tasks that must be accomplished before this baby comes.

And I’m not gonna lie, I’m a bit overwhelmed. Actually, I’m a lot overwhelmed by all that’s to come – just ask Mark, who had to soothe me in the bottle aisle at Target on Monday. I had a full on meltdown, tears and all, over our shopping list of extra sheets, bottles and other odds and ends.

(By the way, if you are overwhelmed by babyness, skip this post and I promise we’ll have lots and lots of running in about 12 weeks.)

So you can only imagine the excitement (and tears, possibly) when I got a box from Target yesterday.


Reader Cynthia sent me a cover for my Boppy, which was one of the items that contributed to my meltdown on Monday. I can’t thank you enough Cynthia! Much love from Healthy Strides.

And since I’m showing off some baby stuff, here’s the cute little snuggy from Wells L and her friend C:

Yeah, Mommy is awesome!

One of my favorite outfits thus far – a monkey themed body suit with matching bib and pants that feature bananas on the bum. 


And baby boy’s coming home outfit:


It’s a onesie that says, “Introducing Me,” with matching cap and socks. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some clothes to put on. I think the dummy babies are the only ones allowed to be naked at class :/

What do you all have planned for the weekend?


  1. Hey!

    I think you look awesome!Cute! How tall are you by the way? And good luck today, try to enjoy it!
    And everything you're feeling is normal - trust me.


  2. Ahh, now I wish the package had gotten there earlier! I'm so glad you liked it though :) Shopping for babies is the best!

    We're taking Brielle to the pool for the first time, I can't wait but she's intent on taking a nap right now!

  3. You're cracking me up - the dummy babies are the only ones that can be naked??? Hilarious! Seriously girl - YOU.GOT.THIS. Look where you have come, what you've done - you've got this!!!! Put the to do list together just like a training schedule - knock some of it out as a long slow run and others as speed training - check it off and get 'er done!!!!
    Thanks for the pix shout out - we hope your lil' man love it!!! We had THE MOST FUN shopping for it!

    Hang in there - email me if you need a pep talk!!!

  4. awww, I love all the monkey things too. So cute. I can only imagine how overwhelmed you feel right now but it sounds like you guys are planning well and working as a team. You're going to be great parents :)