Sunday, June 19, 2011

Go daddy

Move that body: 2.7-mile run; average pace (including two walk breaks totaling 0.3 mile), 11:45.

This morning, at the late hour of 7 a.m., I rolled over and wished Mark a Happy Fathers Day.

And then I told him to get his @ss up – we were going for a run.

OK, OK. I didn’t really say that.

Actually, I offered to make him a big breakfast, which I’d let settle before playing on the treadmill later in the morning. He wanted to walk first thing and have breakfast at which point I said, “No walk. Run.” He was a bit hesitant - and rightfully so - after Thursday’s struggle but decided to entertain me under the pretense that if it felt bad, I had to stop.

I agreed. I was actually sort of prepared that I’d have to stop during this run and cut myself off for the rest of the pregnancy. But as it seems to go with this thing, every time I start to count myself out, I get a nice little surprise. I felt really good, made an effort to structure the walk breaks and take them before I needed ’em and relax. Twas a nice gift for me.

And, as far as a nice gift for Mark? He got this:


French toast made with homemade Blueberry Banana Bread (I used this recipe from Cooking Light for the bread and Egg Beaters in the dip), garnished with fresh strawberries. Mark also had a side of sausage links, and I had a MorningStar “sausage” patty and Egg Beaters.


And half-caff coffee, of course.

By the way, this French toast would have been even better (if that’s possible) had I cut the slices thinner and later stuffed it with strawberries and sweetened cream cheese. Light cream cheese sweetened with Truvia, of course.

Do you like big breakfasts on the weekend? What’s your favorite?


  1. My Husband works 7 day on and 7 days off. So our big breakfast day s are on Monday's. We usually make eggs (mostly egg whites) with green peppers, onions and a side of toast. Or else we make french toast with cinnaburst bread from Great Harvest Bread Company. That probably won't be on the menu for a while until I completed at least a month of weight watchers!

  2. So exciting you had a great run!!! Way to go!!! That breakfast looks AMAZING!

  3. I think Mark is lucky to have gotten the breakfast! I wouldn't give him anything until he survives the birth and starts changing diapers. Then he can earn the father title.

    I had cheerios this morning. No big breakfast over here. :(

  4. Your breakfast looks amazing! I love pancakes as a weekend treat but we went out yesterday for brunch and I had an omlette. I cheated on my beloved pancakes. Hope you guys have a wonderful day!

  5. That breakfast looks amazing!

    Congrats on the run, too! I bet your baby boy loves it!

  6. I love Saturday morning breakfasts with my husband! I used to hate pork, but now I love bacon and breakfast sausage links! We will cook one of those, have some sunny-side-up eggs, and some wholewheat blueberry pancakes. I'm craving all of that, so it looks like we are having breakfast for supper tonight. :-)