Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sugar, oh sugar


Cheese bagel with wild tomato spread …


Get … in … my … MOUTH!

I nearly died of hunger by the time this chewy, delicious bagel hit my lips this morning at work. It was 10 a.m., and it was the first thing in my mouth since I woke up at 5:55. Well, besides my toothbrush.

You see, this morning, I had the pleasure of doing the glucose screen all pregnant women get to do. It’s normally done during the 28th week but I’m a week ahead on my appointments, so we did it at 27. It’s the meanest thing anyone could do to a pregnant lady. You go two hours without eating or drinking (no water, even) and then drink a glucose cocktail that tastes like thick, syrupy Gatorade. An hour later, you get your blood drawn and are sent on your merry way.

For me, my merry way included a stop at The Bagel Station for my ritual post-OB bagel. The only difference this appointment was that I actually earned it. Not that I believe in “earning” food but you know what I mean …

Anyways … all is well in baby land. Baby boy had a strong heart beat and managed to kick the doc, who, by the way, made no inquiry into exercise. He did manage to tell me in his brief visit that I now get the pleasure of bi-weekly appointments as we head into the third trimester.

Please excuse me while I feign excitement and look at this photo that proves I don’t always look like a bum.


That’s me and my brother enjoying a treat from (another) one of my childhood favorites this weekend. By the way, he’s younger ;)


  1. Wow, third trimester already? Thats so exciting!!

  2. I've never had that one from Bagel Station. Looks good!!

    I can't get over the # of appointments they require during pregnancy and then after -- for the baby to get check ups. UGH.

    I mean is it REALLY necesssary? Or a money maker for doctors?

    I am going to be such a mean, grumpy preggo someday. GRR.

  3. Whoa - 3rd trimester! Awesome!

    That glucose appt. will be coming up for me in about a month then. *sigh* Also not excited about it. I'm going to be one cranky woman that morning.

  4. This is so crazy! You just found out like 2 seconds ago! haha

  5. wow! time is just flying by...3rd trimester already!

    and that bagel looks delish, by the way!

  6. Glad that everything is going well for you! :-)

  7. Does anyone in your office think it's odd you take a picture of yourself just as you are biting into food??? Just checking :) Congrats on the good report.

  8. oof, glucose test. I really don't think I could go two hours without even drinking water if I wasn't pregnant!