Monday, April 11, 2011

Childhood classics

I had lunch with quite the fabulous gal. You might even know her. She’s young, vibrant and very cultured.


She also likes to make appearances in Campbell’s SpaghettiOs.

Yes, my friends, I ate SpaghettiOs for lunch. SpaghettiOs with a sliced hot dog.


And they tasted AH-mazing.

Six and a half months ago, I would have never dreamed of bringing such a meal to work but when you are pregnant, some things just sound good. Like pickled jalapenos or cantaloupe or SpaghettiOs with hot dog.

And for as bad as my lunch could be, so processed in all, I have to say it could have been worse. A can of SpaghettiOs contains 340 calories, two servings of vegetables and 8 grams of fiber. My hot dog was of the 98 percent fat-free variety and I paired the bowl with a side of grapes. I could have also picked another childhood favorite – mac and cheese with pennies (aka sliced hot dogs – do I smell a theme?).

After lunch, I even went for a short jaunt – a .8-mile roundtrip walk to get a decaf Frappuccino. You know, to get some calcium ;) It was a total healthy afternoon!

On the way back to the office, frap in hand, I had the pleasure of meeting fellow runner and pregnant lady Kim. Not only is she super awesome having run a half marathon this weekend, she’s totally nice and has awesome style ;) You should check her out. Thanks for saying hi and sorry I am the most awkward person ever!

Do you ever eat foods out of nostalgia?


  1. Was the bloggy encounter random?!

    Reference your previous post on the belly belt. I think at a point you probably say "Fig it" and just do what feels right.

    If people give you weird looks just growl back at them. At least that's what I would do ;)

  2. Why, yes, yes I do eat food out of nostalgia...

    But 98.7362% of the time, I'm begging someone else to cook for me- Dad's Portuguese Soup, Grandma's chocolate cream pie, Cousin's stuffed mushrooms...


  3. Mac n cheese with hot dogs is one of my FAVES! I also love the crescent rolls wrapped around hot dogs which are sliced lengthwise and filled with american cheese. I must have eaten a lot of hot dogs as a kid ;)

  4. Oh my gosh, I made the encounter awkward with my ambushing you curbside! Still, I'm so glad I said hi and got to meet you. Feel famous - you were recognized on the streets of FW! :)

  5. Cool bloggy encounter - love it. I must agree with girlevolving - it's a little odd to meet such a celebrity out and about . . . like the time I was a TOTAL dork at the McAllisters!! Jus' Sayin - not my finest social moment. NOT a fan of your lunch, but my husband is totally asking if we can have it for dinner now since he saw your pix of it.

  6. Nothing sounds better to me than a grilled cheese with tomato soup on a cold winter afternoon! That one's definitely out of nostalgia :)

    And anyway, you should treat yourself to something "not so healthy" once in a while. Like you said, it could have been could have eaten, say, McDonald's.