Thursday, November 18, 2010

Three Things Thursday

Pre-workout breakfast: Sliced banana with blackberry yogurt
Workout: Jackie Warner DVD and 2.2-mile walk with Denali

1. This morning, it was shockingly mild as I took a beautiful walk with Denali. My fingers never started to hurt from the cold, I didn't have to wear a hat and a work fleece was just enough. I couldn't help but appreciate the morning - and dread the days of snow, ice and double-socking it.

2. I've been trying to play around with my workout schedule, easing it up a bit and finding something that I can do all winter. I've decided to move Jackie Warner down to two days, eliminating a double day of run and strength. I'll be running four days a week, hoping to keep a base at 20 miles a week, but keeping the runs at 5 or so miles each. I want to stay in 10K shape but not go so far that Mark complains. (He's a fast 3-mile kind of guy.)

3. I'm starting to get excited for my Thanksgiving Day 10K. My cousins and I are organizing caravans and planning to start the race together. I am hoping to stick with them the whole time and not worry about going fast or getting a PR. I want to enjoy the race, the sights, the sounds, my fantastic family whom I don't see often enough. I think it will make for a fantastic experience.

What's your favorite racing experience? Was it a PR or being with a good group?

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