Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shake your pom poms

It’s the last installment of our POM Wonderful series: How to open a pomegranate. (After all, we all learned how not to open a pomegranate.)

Step 1: Get the attention of your students. Even if it means interrupting the football game.


Clearly, Denali was upset that he didn’t have a clear view of the Colts action.

Step 2: Gather the proper tools.

P1000255 P1000256P1000258

Newspaper (to help absorb splatter), a cutting board, a sharp paring knife, water-filled bowl and, of course a pomegranate.

Step 3: Score and remove the top of the pomegranate

P1000259 P1000260 P1000261

Step 4: Score the pomegranate into wedges

P1000262 P1000263 P1000265

Step 5: Remove the arils in a bowl of water, allowing the white pithy parts to float to the top.

P1000266 P1000268 P1000269

By the way, this works better if you use a bigger bowl and not a dessert dish in an effort to impress manic Colts fans. It also helps if your dog isn’t staring you down, waiting for you to drop any morsel of something resembling edible fare.

After you finish removing the arils, you can pick out the pithy parts with your fingers (which I did) or use a spoon to skim them off the top (which POM Wonderful recommends).

Word of warning: This is a messy job. You can cut the mess by removing the arils in the water but a mess there still will be. But it’s a tasty one :)




  1. How clever was this post?!?! I must say it is shameful to have blocked the colts - seriously, there wasn't a better time for Pom opening lessions? HA!
    Naughty apron, but I'm sure your hubz liked it!
    What a fun series of posts you have put together. Thanks for sharing!

  2. hey i just found your blog and i'm really enjoying i! almost as much as i love pomegranates and pom juice...can't wait to explore your other posts with this yummy food :)