Thursday, November 11, 2010

Three Things Thursday

Pre-workout fuel: Luna Chocolate Cherry Almond Protein Bar
Workout: Ran 5.52 miles in 48 minutes, 50 seconds; average pace, 8:50.

1. It could be Jackie Warner's tough workouts or the fact that I had zero to nill recovery after the W.O.O.F. but today was an absolute slug fest. My legs felt tired, and I felt slow. About the halfway point, when I had to stop for a traffic light, I just decided that it didn't matter how fast I ran. Does anyone really care? Do you care if I run at an 8:30 pace or an 8:50? Do you like me less? I'm guessin' (and hopin') that the answer is no.

The funny thing is, though, once I "released" myself, I ran faster. I ran the definition of negative splits today. Go figure!

2. Even though I didn't lurve this run I did lurve that I had a running buddy. Mark! He didn't have school today (that sissy) because it is Veterans Day. He asked me last night what "our" workout was and agreed to be ready 7 a.m. for 5 miles. Pretty awesome.

3. On a completely non-running note, it's not even Thanksgiving and my hands already rival the coat of a Komodo dragon. Dry. Cracked. Gross. The spot under my wedding bands is peeling, and I really don't want have to do what I did last year. Oh, what was that, you ask. I had to take 'em off and pretend I was a single girl. Any tips for dry skin?


  1. I have Komodo dragon lips right now! YUCK. Bought a 4-pack of winter Blistex last week. Still waiting to see results.

    There was a lotion -- I don't remember brand but was for swimmers. Yeah. I don't know if they make it anymore. But maybe look for that. That way you wash your hands and its supposed to keep your hands moist still. I used it when I worked in floral and had to get my hands wet for work all the time.

    Also, try vaseline or a thick cream at night and wear gloves over your hands when you sleep to lock the moisture in.

  2. I live in the desert and am in my 30s so I was searching for something to quench my skin's thirst. I tried everything but nothing seemed to work, I was starting to look like I was in my 50s until I found this Shea butter:

    It is absolutely the best! I use it for everything and can't get enough of it so I bought the container in bulk. Plus a little goes along way, one small container lasted me about 3 or 4 months!

    Also, try the code Christmas10 at checkout and receive 10% off.

  3. I can't believe you can run so far so far so soon after the WOOF - you go girl. Would love you more if you were actually a "human" runner - but no, you're freakishly amazing! Happy to hear you and your hubby could take advantage of this AWESOME weather!!!!

    Hands - I bought my mom a home parfin wax unit (big bargin at Macy's one year around Christmas time). She was a scrub nurse for surgery and her hands were RRRRRUUUUUFFFFF. Really made a big difference. Maybe $20 bucks for the whole unit including the wax (not bad since just one bottle of medicated lotion is like $8 bucks at Target). Good luck!