Saturday, November 13, 2010

Some kind of Wonderful

Remember when I told you that I had something wonderful going on this weekend. Yeah. You do. Well, I can tell you this much. It involves me and a pomegranate.

Before our relationship can begin, though, I need to figure out how to open the dern thing.

The mind is a powerful thing but apparently mine isn't that powerful.

A sumo wrestler, I am not. A throw down between me and the pomegranate did not happen.

My blender is awesome for smoothies and, err, margaritas but the pomegranate was too big to get near the blades.

Warning: Don't try this at home. A hot pomegranate isn't all that hot. Or edible.

I call my bike the Green Envy but its superpowers are only good for looks. No pomegranate-opening here.
I decided to let Denali give it a go. After all, he's eaten everything for an entire corn cob to a half-tub of margarine.

He gave up but decided to keep the pomegranate. He thought it complemented his coloring.

I guess I - well, we - have figured out all the ways not to open a pomegranate. Now, we must work on doing it the right way.

Have a Wonderful Saturday!


  1. That was a cute post. good luck on getting it open and in your tummy.

  2. hahaha! too funny! I hope you were able to get it open! My hubby 'peeled' one the other night and managed to get pommegranate juice drops (stains) on the white wall backsplash in our kitchen (it's an apartment)! Be careful, they're messy!